Analyzing your ticket backlog history with Explore

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  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Nathaniel, 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to filter any queries using the Support: Backlog dataset by custom fields or ticket tags. Our Product Managers are aware of the need for this functionality and are planning for updates to the Backlog dataset this year.

    Be sure to check our Announcements page for updates!


  • John Streeter

    Thanks @.... Definitely looking forward to being able to do more with the Backlog dataset, inlcuding filtering by custom fields and tags. 

  • Nabil Kachour

    Any idea how we could define a 'healthy' backlog? I'm looking for setting up target around backlog levels. 

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Nabil.

    Thanks for reaching out! There is not a defined amount when it comes to "Healthy Backlog". This varies based on your workflow, types of tickets, expected SLA's etc so I am afraid I cannot give a tangible number in that regard. We do have a blog post I will link below that will cover some helpful tips when it comes to tacking your Backlog but the best course would be to monitor your ticket activity over the course of a few weeks/months to see your average backlog to give you a good idea when it is time to take action.

    I hope that helps! Have a great day.

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Sigurjon Jonsson

    Do I understand it correctly, that it is not possible to get the backlog for example, 8 hours in the past? Since the backlog is only synchronized once a day?

    I am trying to create a dashboard that shows number of unsolved tickets at the start of a shift, and remaining unsolved tickets at the end of the shift(when the report is sent out)

  • MarketSpark

    Any update on when we can filter by additional fields? At a minimum tags or organizations?

  • Marco Malbas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Traci,

    Thanks for reaching out. From what I understand you are looking to filter by tags or organizations when using the "backlog history" dataset, correct? Unfortunately we have no news of this at the moment, but I would suggest posting this as a feature request in our feedback page for Explore here:

    Our product managers look at our feedback page to know what features should be on the roadmap for future improvements.


    Marco M. | Zendesk Support

  • Rafael Santos

    Following up on @...'s comment:

    Our Product Managers are aware of the need for this functionality and are planning for updates to the Backlog dataset this year.

    Do we have any updates estimated time for delivery of these dataset updates?
    Our extractions via incremental_exports don't have as much time-based granularity as what's recorded in the Dataset, for it would be very relevant for us.

  • Sam Donovan

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    I know this has been brought up in other articles, but we really need to have custom fields in our backlog data. It's great that we have some standard fields here, but we have some custom region fields that we would need to pull data on and are unable to at this time. I'd love for this to be prioritized.



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