Setting roles and permissions for Sunshine custom objects

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  • Robert Leafworks

    Hi there,

    one question regarding allowing end users to access custom objects...
    How is it handled that end-users can only access their "own" data?
    Is the object-relation between custom object and user taken into account here?

    I.e. we want to enable an end user to change his "preferred_car":

    Custom object: "preferred_car"
    Permission-Agent: CRUD
    Permission-EndUser:  read+update only
    Relation 1to1 (zen:User -> "preferred car")

    • The agent has an custom app in the ticket sidebar to add a record.
    • Agent adds record+detail i.e. "Porsche" because the end-user told so via phone. 
    • End user now logs into Guide
    • Show details about "preferred car" in helpcenter when authenticated

    Thanks a lot

  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Robert Leafworks! What I think you're asking is how/if we are allowing end users to update their records and only their records. If that is correct, you did identify the steps that you need to first create the relationship schema (with the source/target being `zen:user`), then modify the permissions for RU. Since each object created with that relationship must be tied to a user, there will always have to be someone associated with that particular record.

    If I misunderstood or you need any further clarification, drop me a line here!


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