How do I display the start date of the week instead of the week number?

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  • Aaron Henderson

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use this formula to view ticket update week, by start of week? And for it to display based on individual updates and not the latest update? I used the below formula and am seeing some odd returns:

    DATE_FORMAT(START_OF_WEEK_MONDAY([Ticket updated - Date]),"YYYY-MM-dd")

    I noticed some odd returns and the numbers not line up when I simply used "Update - Week of year". I added Ticket Update attributes on one card to see what would return. When I did that it returned the report below.

    I did not expect to see multiple weeks of "Update - Week of year" within each "Ticket Updated Week by Start of Week". I drilled in to spot check some tickets and found that my created attribute was displaying the last time the ticket was updated, whether it was by the updater I am filtering for or not. The "Update - Date" and "Update - Week of Year" however correctly show the date/week the ticket was updated by the updaters.

    Is this expected? Is there a way to display ticket update week by start of week instead of just week number? And it show based on individual updates and not the latest update?




  • Kate L

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for sharing your use case. Looking at your formula, it is likely expected to get multiple weeks since you are using the Ticket Updated - Date attribute. This attribute would show a collection of attributes that return the time a ticket was last updated in various time measurements. You may want to use the Time - Ticket update attribute instead so in that case, your formula should be like this:


    This list of metrics and attributes will give you an idea of how are they are being calculated and defined across different Support datasets. Hope this helps.

  • McCabe

    To help future Explorers out, if you're looking at the other Dataset "ticket updates" 

    It depends what data you're looking at:

    In my query, I'm looking at Tickets created - Week of year and don't want to decipher which week of the year it is. 

    Standard calculated attribute 

    Name: Start end of week iso

    DATE_FORMAT(START_OF_WEEK_ISO([Ticket created - Date]),"MMM-dd - ") +
    DATE_FORMAT(END_OF_WEEK_ISO([Ticket created - Date]),"MMM-dd ")

    Computed from: Ticket created - Date

    To get the year and month; i simply stack them in my columns view 


    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for this tip, McCabe! To make easier for others to search for, would you mind posting this to our User Tips & Tricks topic as well? User Tips & Tricks

  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator
    The Wise One - 2021

    Hi @...

    Recently I noticed that the date format in the reports with this Week Started attribute has changed to the long timestamp-like view (without any edits done before). Looks like a bug?  

  • Tina Yates

    Hi, I have been using this for months now and all of a sudden it is no longer working?  Has something changed?


  • Justin Federico

    Same issue. We are no longer seeing the date formatted properly in our reports.

  • Zac Renault
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thanks for your patience.

    A fix has been pushed by our developer team and your issue regarding the DATE_FORMAT function not working as expected as wrongly including the full timestamp should now be resolved.

    Don't hesitate to let us know if this issue is still occurring in your account, but make sure to create different tickets for any other questions you might have in Explore to allow us to better track your requests in the future.

    Have a great day;

    Kind regards.

    Technical Support Architect

  • Patrick Stewart

    Is there a method to only show every 7th day in the selection? My product team wants a filter where they can pick the week of the year to filter down the data. Right now there is a checkbox for every day, but I'd like to only show each Monday.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Patrick,
    Are you referring to the dates listed as options when filtering by the custom date attribute? If you're using the function START_OF_WEEK_MONDAY in your metric formula, then those dates should correspond to the Mondays of each week. 
    You also have other options if you want to display show the end of week dates (END_OF_WEEK_SATURDAY, END_OF_WEEK_MONDAY, etc.). You can refer to the this doc to see other available date functions.

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