Can I use or set up an SMTP relay for sending or receiving emails?

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  • Permanently deleted user

    As a recent convert from Freshdesk this is a sorely missed feature. 

    It let us track the open and click through on emails we sent by using an SMTP relay with tracking. 

  • Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello @...,

    I understand this can be a rather frustrating experience, and we're sorry you are hitting this limitation with our product. I'll pass this on to our product team, but I recommend sharing your use case on this thread where our developers actively monitor and post future updates. 

    Best regards. 

  • Luciana Telles Pereira De Gusmao

    We'd like to hear about solutions implemented by customers who chose to build their own solution for sending emails using Zendesk's api. Thank you in advance.

  • Ben

    It would be GREAT to have an option to send via the clients mail server.
    In our case the client already uses CodeTwo to do email signatures for all staff across the organisation. Having a profile for the support@ email address would mean that even the responses to support requests would be branded consistently, AND (importantly) managed from one place. 

    By not having support for this, means that there is not a single source of truth for email signatures in the organisation.


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