Why do emails thread to the wrong ticket?

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  • Americo Pagliuca

    We have an instance where we have an external support provider that sends us ticket notifications [via ConnectWise, I believe] which always come with the subject:


    Each time their ticketing system generates a response [whether to us or another third party or to their own office] it creates a new ticket.

    How can I have a trigger based on subject to check if the Ticket#XXXXX exists and thread into that if so?

  • Marco Malbas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Americo,

    That's a good question. Right now, business rules in Zendesk (triggers and automations) do not have the function to thread emails to existing tickets. Also, while triggers are able to check the subjects of tickets, it would only be for checking it for a specific word or thread. There is no way for a trigger to check the subject and cross-reference it with all the existing tickets.

    I would suggest posting this as a feature request though, as I do see how this can be useful. Feel free to post this here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200132066--Feedback-on-Support


    Marco M. | Zendesk Support

  • CJ Johnson

    How can we check the message ID,  when the issue is replies from email to a chat conversation, where we cannot check any message ID on the original message because it originated from Zendesk? 

  • Rad
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi CJ,
    To check the message ID of an email, you can open a ticket created by inbound email and you have the option to view and download the original email.
    Please see Viewing the HTML and original source for incoming tickets for more information.
    Trust this helps.
  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Rad, 

    Those instructions do not work for the situation I have laid out, thus my question. 

  • Jessica G.

    Hello CJ Johnson
    Thanks for the follow-up! We're sorry to hear the initial instructions were not ideal for your use case.
    I'd like to refer you to this other article regarding Customers not receiving emails. The events should show a Trigger notification with a number that Advocates can use to track down logs internally. Although we wouldn't be able to check logs every time, if you're having specific issues, feel free to contact us via WebWidget Messaging and we'll be happy to help further.

    In short, "Message-IDs" are only available for inbound email messages, not outbound, but if you replied to an actual email, the Message-ID should remain the same for the entire thread, and that's how Zendesk links all messages in the same ticket. Hope that makes sense! :) 



  • Vladimir Shkuratov

    Hi Anna Lainfiesta

    We have external system sends emails to Zendesk and every time in generates new ticket in Zendesk despite the Subject, Sender and Receivers are the same?

    Can you recommend  the way to configure in a way that Original ticket gets updated instead of generating new ones every time.



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