Best practices for creating an internal knowledge base

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  • Rebeca Hernandez

    Is it possible to link internal articles to specific forms and suggest articles to agents, in a similar way we can suggest articles to end users?

    Appreciate the help.

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Rebeca,

    Thank you for your Feedback on that, unfortunately, this is currently not possible.

    As a workaround, Macros might be an option for you.
    Here you can find more details on Creating macros for tickets and Using macros to update tickets.

    Also, using the Knowledge Capture App could be useful in this case.
  • Ashley Boose

    In this article, you said that you (Zendesk) moved your internal/external documentation from a multibrand setup to a single help center so staff could search across all articles; was this before you could actually search across all help centers? I'm just asking because I was looking into possibly setting up a new brand just so we could place our internal content into a separate help center, but we would still need to be able to see search results from both help centers in the main (original) help center. Is this not possible? If not, what is the Enabling search across multiple help centers about?


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