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  • Антон Минцев

    Just an example of how much more screen space is used for chats in the new agent workspace..Readability is also not great. Do you have plans to optimize UX here? 
    1. Messages from the same user can be blended together
    2. Status updates events can take way smaller space

  • Sylwia

    Hi , 

    as Lauren already mentioned above (some months ago): for us there is also one very important thing which is missing in chat: requester's IP address and device/browser details. It is great to still see the visitor path but the device and browser info is often essential for troubleshooting. Changing to dashboard in each chat in ordert to see this information is time consuming and not optimal. 

    It would be great to integrate this information in User details directly in ticket and chat. 

    Are there any plans to show this info? 



  • Giorgos Antonakos

    Hello im having problem with a transaction that i did on MHA i bought a pack with hero coins but didnt get anything on exchange

  • Amie Brennan

    Hey @...

    How come emoji's no longer work in View titles in the agent workspace? I have quite a few Zendesk customers who utilize emojis in View names to make views more visually accessible for agents on the fly. 

    We've since noticed, after upgrading their accounts to the new agent workspace, none of the emoji's no longer display in the view title. 

    What's the reason this was removed if any? If it wasn't removed, is there a bug happening with emoji's not being visible anymore? 



  • Bilal Riaz

    my job


    Is there any option to create these facilities in Zendesk Agent Workspace to our own website like, The web widget to customers? If so How to embed the call facilities to our own website for the agents?

  • Kymber Horvath

    In workspace view can I “print ticket”  

    and have it show ALL communications when printing the ticket externally?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Kymber, 
    That's not an option natively, but there is a free app that will allow you to print out the ticket history here: Print Ticket History

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