Connecting Sell contacts with Exchange

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  • Michael Manning

    this integration should be no different than allowing my iPhone to connect to my on prem Exchange 2013 server, correct? It should require for my login and for the web services URL, correct?

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...

    In step 3 above, you will be asked to log into your Exchange account, and that may look different for each user. Keep in mind, "If your Exchange account is behind a firewall or does not have AutoDiscovery enabled, Sell will prompt you for additional server information."

    If you are having any issues logging in, I would suggest trying a different web browser and making sure you are using the same login credentials as your Exchange account (not your Zendesk account). 

  • Michael Manning

    Hi Katie,

    Autodiscover is configured and functions correctly. Tested via Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Also by virtue of the fact that everything else that requires Autodiscover functions in the public and private environments. 

    We've managed to integrate Calendars (Integrations > Calendars), I wasn't including the entire Exchange Web Services URL (I had to look at the Exchange server for the missing info) and that was preventing successfully connecting. However, I somehow managed to stick a bad connection attempt for Contacts and now can't seem to undo it. Now when I go to Integrations > Integrations > Exchange and click Enable it shows a button to Complete Setup and then fails moments later. I think it is trying to connect to a non existent O365 account. How do I reset this to try again with the correct on-prem account information?

    Also having issues with connecting to email but that's not really part of the scope of this article. 

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi Michael,

    I reached out to our Product Team and they said you should be able to connect with an on-prem Exchange 2013 server on the web.

    • If you have tried multiple times on the same web browser, I would suggest navigating to your Settings > Integrations > Exchange and click Enable in an incognito window or a different web browser.
    • Click on the small text: "Or click here to connect with and email and password for Exchange on-prem".
    • If the connection fails, you should be allowed to specify detailed settings (view advanced settings).

    If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our team so we can look more closely at your account and discuss private account-specific information. 

    Lastly, here are the troubleshooting your email integration articles that will hopefully help determine the source of your issue:

  • Michael Manning

    Hello Katie,

    Yeah, like I said, I did that and initially I wasn't using the complete URL. So, stupidly just for grins I tried connecting via the O365 option, which we actually don't use since we have on-prem and somehow that partially succeeded (???) and now is stuck. And I don't see any way to undo that. Now I wind up with this and can't proceed past it or undo it. 

    We did manage to get Calendar integration figured out once I figured out the complete URL that was required:

    And yes all of that was required or the calendar integration would fail

  • NewWave Tech

    Hi team,

    When our team want to connect Sell to Exchange.

    It shows the message "exchange account was already integrated by different user" as below.

    We make sure have not integrated it.

    Could you help to fix this?

  • Jupete Manitas

    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for writing in! We can see that you've reached out to support via Chat about this issue and the ticket ID that is being worked out is 6824390. Our support team will get back to you the soonest for the findings. Thank you!


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