Completing the migration from Legacy Chat to the enhanced experience

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  • Lee Linton

    Hoping this doesn't mean that the Zopim Live Chat is EOL or will no longer be available to Zendesk customers.  Zopim live chat has features and functions that are essential to Support and Sales agents with high-traffic websites.  The ability to view and "poach" visitors (most importantly the ability to see the traffic on our website in real-time, our end-users can choose specific departments, I can easily view current chats, jump in a  Live Chat alongside the agent chatting with the customer (transfer not required), along with the several other functions/features that Zopim provide are absolutely necessary and should not be taken for granted by Zendesk..  A developer thinking that "oh why would they need that" is not the real world.  I assure you everything Zopim offers is very essential and a must-have.  After all, Zopim helped build Zendesk into what it is today, so I'm not sure the reason as to why you would want to take it away and drive customers away... hopefully it isn't going away my thinking is incorrect. One may nay not fully understand the value of Zopim and why it is so essential (all features) unless you actually use Live chat with high volume on a daily basis for sales, support, billing, and anything else we want to use it for, if those are the decisions makers, influencing this decision, they are making a big mistake and you have the wrong people heading up your "Chat" department"

    We left Freshdesk due to their chat app (it was awful) and came to Zendesk as we knew it offered Zopim live chat.  Low and behold after we signed up with Zendesk, our account had "Messaging" (or "Chat", whatever it was called) enabled by default.  Doing simple tasks you need from a live chat application such as Zopim was not possible, and we were on our way out, ready to leave  Zendesk, finally, we were able to get the messaging disabled, and Zopim live chat enabled, Ultimately this was the sole reason we stayed with Zendesk. I just do not understand changing something that fundamentally helped make you what you are today.


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