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  • Legal Hand, Inc.

    As an administrator, I am unable to change the Roles and Access products for my own profile? I need to sometimes change my role for Talk from Admin to Team Lead but need another Admin to change the Access on my own profile. Is there a way to make the changes myself? Currently with the Pro plan.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Erica –

    The account Owner can set Roles and Access for any user, including themselves (I'll see if we can get that information added to this documentation).

    So if you're an admin and the owner, you should be able to set it yourself. If you're an admin but not also the owner, then the owner or another admin can set it for you. If needed, as an admin, you could temporarily promote an agent to admin, have them change your role for your, and them revert them back to their former agent status.

  • Frédéric Mauroy

    Hello all,

    we have the "Support Suite Pro" with 10 seats. I need to give access to a new staff member to manage Guide articles, but we reached a limit:

    So I thought that by removing this right to existing members that do not really need it, I would be able to give him the proper access. But even after waiting a few minutes and several Ctrl-F5, the items are still disabled in the list as above. Am I doing something wrong? Is this info stored in cache for a long period of time maybe?

    Thanks for your help

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Frédéric,

    Have you gotten this squared away? I see that all ten of your paid seats are in use, either by Support Admins (including your account Owner) or Guide Admins (Guide Admins use a paid seat even if they do not have access to Support). For more information on Guide roles, see About staff roles in Zendesk Admin Center

  • Frédéric Mauroy

    Hi Dave, thanks for your quick reply.

    We have 10 agents in Zendesk Support, and the new user is such an agent already. Could this mean a non-agent user has been set as having Guide access? Does suc h type of user exist? If so, is there an easy way to find this account? Or could it be something else? Why do we see "staff" in some places and "agent" in others? Are they the same user types?

    When I edit a user that was admin in Guide yesterday, I can still put him back as admin or agent. Why can't I do the same with another agent? If the quota is reached, the option should be disabled on all users, no? Seems to me there is a discrepancy somewhere here. Any clue?


  • Dave Dyson

    HI again Frédéric –

    So you have a total of eight seats that are being used by Support Admins, and two that are currently being used by Guide Admins but only Contributors in Support, for a total of ten paid seats. Your other Contributor agents who have Viewer permissions in Guide do not take up a paid seat.

    That's why you can modify the staff role of your Guide Admins - they already count towards your ten paid seats. If you want to change the role of one of your Contributor/Viewer agents, you'll need to either free up an agent seat (e.g., by downgrading one of your two Contributor/ Guide Admin agents to Contributor/Viewer, or by adding additional paid agent seats.

    Does that clarify things?

  • Frédéric Mauroy

    Thanks a lot for the clarification, I must have missed something when reading about how seats are counted.

    I removed a user that didn't need admin rights anymore and I've been able to add the new account to the Guide agents successfully.

    Best regards!

  • Frédéric Mauroy

    Possible improvement to Zendesk ;-)

    Have a list of all users taking seats, and for what part of the system.

    In our case we had only 10, so several clicks were needed to isolate those, but imagine consumers with many more seats...

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Please change it back, it takes significantly longer to open the Admin Center each time we need to update someone's role within Support profiles. The drop-down list of roles was great, why did you change it to this? You've literally made it less intuitive.


  • Evan Bovie

    Heads up that the video embedded in this page is too small to decipher the content and it cannot be made fullscreen.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks, Evan. The video should be easier to view now. Click the image and it will open in a new window. 

  • Leah Hanson

    As the Admin who manages the Agents and Admins on our account, the workflow to edit user roles is excessive and unnecessary. I have to switch between Support and Admin Centre up to 3 times to edit a team members role.

    If I start in Zendesk Support these are the steps I have to follow:
    1: Click on the Setting cog
    2: Click on Go to Admin Centre
    ** Switch to Admin Centre**
    3: Open list of Team Members
    4: Select to Edit the relevant team member
    ** Switch to Zendesk Support **
    5: Click Manage in Admin Centre
    ** Switch back to Admin Centre **
    6: Edit roles as required and Save.

    Why wouldn't you either:
    - Have a list of team members in Support so you can open them and click Manage in Admin Centre from there
    - When you press Edit in Admin Centre it takes you to the Roles area from there.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Leah, 
    I realize the irony of my request here, but for the best visibility to our product team, would you mind creating a post in our Feedback - Admin Center community topic, using this template
  • Leah Hanson

    Hi Dave,

    I have added the post as requested.

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks Leah!
  • Frank Ledwidge

    Hi guys,

    We are starting to provide some of our non-support colleagues with Light Agent access. These agents may be in a group of their own. I would like them to be able to view ALL tickets. What we're finding is, that to see any ticket within our instance, we have to ensure they reside within all of our groups.

    Under 'Understanding what light agents can do' above, "Light agents can... view tickets assigned to groups they're in or view all tickets". This led me to believe that our light agents should see all tickets by default. But, when I look through the comments, I can see that there are settings particular to Enterprise (Roles) which we do not have, which allow you to edit the Light agent role itself (see comment by DJ Buenavista Jr. Feb 10, 2022).

    Is this correct? My current workaround is to ensure that all of our light agents are within every group we have set up for organisational purposes, which is not ideal.


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Frank,

    Only Enterprise plans have the option to modify the ticket access for light agents. Please refer to Configuring light agent permissions with Suite Enterprise. For lower plans, it is limited to the groups they are a part of.

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