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  • ☆BeaconHelp

    Hello experts, I have created and added data to the date type fields - 'contract start date' and 'contract end date'  for each organization master for each client company (requester organization).
    And also adding a custom field called 'Service Hour' to the ticket fields and adding a number value to every ticket.
    What I want to do is sum up the 'Service Hours' of tickets resolved between the 'Contract Start Date' and 'Contract End Date' for each organization and display them in a report or dashboard. I've been looking for a way for a few days myself, but I'm having difficulties, so I'm asking for help.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Ofer,

    Go for Ticket Status Exclude Closed / Solved. And change to "Bar" select all on left site then.

    Change Display Value to Show in settings.





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