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  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @..., thank you for raising this concern. We'll be removing Decompose only once Drill-in will be enabled and will function correctly in the prebuilt dashboards that are available to you as part of the Explore Lite plan.  

  • Emil Pop


    Good day,

    Like @Matt McLeary mentioned above. This change is shocking. I honestly don't understand why was this change applied without notifying the clients who have paid subscriptions.

    It's funny that you would announce with a written notification inside zendesk that you are moving way from using Targets and transition to webhooks, yet you did not act in a similar manner with this change. From a user/client standpoint, the user experience had taken a turn for the worse in the last period when we talk about Zendesk.

    We used drillthrough and decompose in all of our dashboards and now we find ourselves in the position to review each of them because this drill in feature just looks awful and counterintuitive. We simply don't understand how to use it and why you would by default automatically add the drill in feature where drillthrough was initially. It confuses everyone who wants to see the details behind the numbers.

    I don't expect any action/reply, just want to share the feedback about our experience with this "new improved drill-in" feature.


  • ingrid MARIOTTI



    How can we do when we have  a lot of requests in a dashbord and when I click on in a part of one or more charts,  the others requests (charts, board ...)  update whith it.

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback for our latest drill-in feature and rollout.
    We are listening, and are reviewing and reforming our internal processes to ensure future Explore updates are rolled out with ample time to learn about and adapt to changing features. We acknowledge the challenges this change has caused our users and are working hard to address the incoming feedback.


    Why we built this

    As of today, there are two available interactions: Drill-in and Decompose. We would like to share context around some of the challenges we are solving for with the new experience: 


    • The legacy Drillthrough interaction was not designed for common Zendesk reporting use cases and did not meet basic needs. You can find the feedback we received about the Drillthrough in these community posts. Unfortunately, there was no way to simply improve the Drillthrough feature without rebuilding it from scratch.
    • Our research showed that the overall concept and UI of the Focus and Filter other interactions were not easily understood or adopted.
    • The Decompose feature had outdated UI and some limitations, such as being limited to the size of the widget.
    • Finally, choosing the necessary interaction from the 4 options was a confusing experience for dashboard viewers.


    As a result, we decided to replace all interactions with the single Drill-in interaction that will allow users to achieve the same goals as Drillthrough, Decompose and Focus in a slightly different way. However, it is clear to us that the first phase of this feature has fallen short of expectations from our users and we are working to address this with future planned enhancements.

    What’s next for drill-in
    We are planning further Drill-in enhancements to meet the needs of our users, with the idea that Drill-in will eventually replace Decompose in the future. Please help us set the right priorities by letting us know which functionality you are missing in the new drill-in feature. You can do so by posting and voting for existing posts in the Explore community section.

  • CJ Johnson

    "By default, drilling in to a metric includes results with a value of zero. If you need to filter out zero values, you can create a metric filter." 
    This 100% doesn't work. The Drill in ignores it completely. 

  • Giovanni Berthelot


    I would agree with the comments above, these changes are not convenient, especially the Filter Other part.

    How are we suppose to easily filter the board now ? My board is supposed to be shared with stakeholders, and allowing them to drillthrough and then filter the board was perfect.

    Now if I want to let my stakeholders filter the board, I have to propose a lot of filter options at the end of the does not make sense.

    If I have 10 categories, and 10 sub categories for each of these categories, then I will have to implement 20 filters at the top of the screen to let my stakeholders find their information?

    Maybe I missed something, but by reading the documentation, it's not super clear how to adapt the flows and I'm kinda disappointed at the moment :/

    Please allow us to decompose and filter the dashboard based on the decompose actions made....

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,
    thanks for sharing your feedback about Drill In.

    I get your use case about willing to share a dashboard that could then be filtered by other stakeholders.

    The decompose experience hasn't changed, your stakeholders should be able to use it as usual. Can you please verify the "Enable decompose" option is still active on your dashboard?

    As for drilling into data, once the "Enable Drill In" interaction option is active in your tab, dashboard viewers will be able to filter and deep dive into data by using the Drill In on each query. 
    May I ask you to verify this option is enabled on your dashboard?

    You can then define which attributes viewers can use by configuring them in the "Drill in" options of the "Chart Configuration" section of the query builder.


  • Shashank Agrawal

    Earlier we could Drill through all the fields and now you have put a limitation of 20 fields only. This is not an improvement. This is called Limitation. 

    All my clients have come back and we are taking the heat due to this change. Why will you bring the limitations and call it improvement???


  • Giovanni Berthelot

    Hello @..., thanks for your reply.

    The decompose experience hasn't changed, your stakeholders should be able to use it as usual. Can you please verify the "Enable decompose" option is still active on your dashboard?

    I read on your previous comments that the Decompose will be removed in a near future? For the moment we can indeed decompose, but we can no longer filter the board based on the decompose.


    As for drilling into data, once the "Enable Drill In" interaction option is active in your tab, dashboard viewers will be able to filter and deep dive into data by using the Drill In on each query. 

    The drill in offers a list of tickets ID with attributes, it's good for quality review and calibration sessions with your agents as a Support manager...But it's not super interesting for Product teams who would like to have data about the kind of requests and volumes.

    Here is a video example to illustrate :

    As you can see, we have many sub ticket fields to categorize our tickets as much as possible. Before, after the decompose illustrated in the video, we were able to click on Filter other to refresh the entiere board with the different set of sub categories selected....With the filter other, I was able to know.

    Use case with video : (As seen on the video, if I want to dive in into a specific section of my product, I can see that we had 21 tickets about Mass uploads...With the filter other feature, I was able to have the pie chart on the right updated, to know if the requests are related to an issue, a question, a feature request and so on...)

    Now how can I do the same thing easily without adding several dozens filters to the top of my dashboard ?



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