My forecast report is showing values less than zero

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  • CJ Johnson

    How can I exclude the current month if I need to set the date to "All History" as the end timestamp to make the forecast button work?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi CJ,
    It won't be possible to exclude it in All History. 

    What I'm thinking is that you can use custom or advance and select the date from when the account was created, or the specific years you want to go back to and your end date will be last month.
  • CJ Johnson

    Dane If it's not possible, could you update the answer to reflect what should be done? The answer is literally saying to do the impossible thing -- that's why I posted my question. It's unclear how one is supposed to follow the advice in the answer. If you must build a custom formula to do this, that probably should be outlined in the answer. 


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