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  • Casey Moore

    This article is really helpful, thank you!

    Does anyone know how I can find the following:

    1. Tickets created yesterday (this one I have)
    2. Of those tickets, how many were solved?
    3. Of those solved tickets, how many were one-touch?

    This is what I have so far but it's not quite there yet.  This shows me how many tickets were created (yesterday) compared to how many were solved yesterday.  Right?  

    So... if I have 100 tickets created yesterday, how many of those 100 tickets were solved yesterday?  Let's pretend it's 50; of those 50 tickets (which were created and solved on the same day) how many were one-touch?

    Help me Obi Wan...  You're my only hope.


  • Hines, RJ

    Hey Casey,

    I had the exact same scenario and need a few months back. The last bit you're after - the COUNT(One-touch tickets) metric - does not exist in the Ticket Updates dataset.

    If you're looking to get all three pieces of data you identified into a single visual, you'll need to use the Support: Tickets dataset.  In my example below, I added my three metrics then used filters for Ticket Created + Ticket Updated attributes, both set to 'Yesterday':

    The only real downside to this visual is we can only view one day at a time due to how the dataset's date/time filters work, but this is all we need.

    Hope this helps!

  • Adam Hanna

    Does anyone have a way to do similar to what @... did above, but for a week long view instead of just daily. Looking to have tickets created by day of the week and of those tickets, how many were solved that same day - doesn't need to include one-touch tickets

  • Hines, RJ


    Without that third metric involved, you would want to use the Ticket Updates dataset instead. I added the default system metrics Tickets Created and Tickets Solved, then set the date range. In the example below, I used 'Last Week' as my timeframe, and for flavor also added a Ticket Created - Date filter to remove Saturday/Sunday's values.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mark Leci

    Hines, RJ I might be wrong, but I think your graph above is the same problem I'm running into, which is that instead of 'tickets created or solved on x date' you have 'tickets created on x date that were also solved'. This has been a problem for me because what I want is 'all the tickets that were created or solved on x date', i.e. the delta. If I try to do that using the ticket created date it's wrong as noted, if I use the 'date updated' the graph shows maybe 5x as many tickets for last week as it should. I haven't yet been able to figure this out. 


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