Can I report on views in Explore?

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  • mfg

    Sure would be amazing if you could leverage the work of building a view into a SELECT statement.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Matthew –

    Can you upvote and add your use case to this product feedback thread? Views Reporting in Zendesk Explore

    (Fwiw, another important difference between Views and Explore is that Views do not display any tickets that have been archvied.)


  • Matthew Francis

    Will the option to report on Views in Zendesk ever be a feature?

  • Naomi Greenall

    Matthew Francis I hope this is something that happens in the near future. The ability to pull a report based on a view is absolutely essential. I don't want reports to display tickets from certain views. 

  • Naomi Greenall

    Agreed. This is an important item to report on, especially since their are multiple conditions you cannot set within reports that you can set within views. I feel quite frustrated that this is a metric that wasn't built in and can't easily be added. 

    Is their any short term resolution for this? Any roundabout way that can help me get a similar resolution?

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Naomi,

    I hope all is well! For that use case itself, reporting on the view would be a challenge since views are more dynamic, and the data update in Explore would not provide you with real-time information due to Explore sync time

    Some plans do allow live data reporting, maybe you may consider this while reporting in views is still not an available functionality. I will leave some resources below (please check plan availability). 

    - Overview of the Explore live dashboard
    - Live data widgets for Explore dashboards
     I hope this helps!

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