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  • Brett L

    To quote directly on your second point regarding the total amount of users for this feature.

    "Second, we identified the customers that we knew were using the sort by Subject or Submitter functionality"

    yet later admitted to NOT accounting for those ad-hoc users, so the total amount using the subject filter would be much higher than 2%.

    In the 12 years of being a Zendesk customer, I would like to have thought your best interests were in your customers and not in cutting corners in your development.

    Unfortunately, this has led me to already trail other ticket systems due to losing all trust in your product/customer care service.

  • Damaris Moore

    Please put the sort by SUBJECT back! This is a basic function used by everyone.  You have no idea how this has affected our workflow.  It is ridiculous all I am having to do to find what I need in hundreds of tickets on hold.  Put it back! Put it back! Put it back!

  • Scott Burnham

    Fun fact, they also just broke the ability to mass assign groups.... Which would be less of an issue if sort by subject still worked... Seriously what is wrong with this company? 

    Logged off and back on again and it started working again. Such sloppy dev work it hurts. 

  • C.W. Holeman III

    Let me get this straight, Dave Dyson.

    People are using a feature so much that it risked taking down your infrastructure, it was that popular. So in order to help these users you didn't optimize your system to help them be more efficient, you just deleted the basic functionality?

    And then, to ensure that you contacted everyone who used this basic functionality, you reached out to the people who had views that used this as the default sorting method?

    And the thought didn't occur to anyone in your team that many of your other clients wouldn't be using the functionality by, you know, clicking on the button? So you assumed that if it wasn't built into a given client's view that means that they didn't use it? Which led you to the conclusion that it was a rarely-used feature that could be deleted without too much uproar?

    That is, frankly, astonishing.

    My files on my computer default to sorted by name. But if my OS took away my ability to sort by last-date-modified, I'd go find another OS.

    That's the kind of feeling I find myself having more & more frequently about Zendesk lately. Basic functionality evaporates, & Zendesk's response is "Deal with it." Not inspiring Dave, not inspiring.


  • Brett L

    C.W. Holeman III 

    I 100% agree with this.

    it feels like Zendesk is struggling with the Development team so decide it's more beneficial to remove a feature than to hire the correct dev to investigate/resolve the issue with their feature.

    Jira Service Management / Freshdesk are probably the best alternatives.

    I have already begun the process of migrating data so we can have a "hotswap" support desk when the time comes to cancel the sub here.


    Be worth checking out.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi all! I just thought I'd let you know that those of you that might be using LovelyViews app, you can still seem to sort by subject. I realize most of you would prefer to have this native in Zendesk (I would agree) but in case you need a way, you can check that app out. It's not terribly cost prohibitive. 

    FYI I don't work for Zendesk nor do I work for the app designer... just trying to help.

  • Brett L

    Heather Rommel


    You have literally suggested a paid-for subscription service.

    Free 14-day trial, then $1.95 per agent, per month

    This is NOT an alternative. 


    How someone could even suggest spending more money to resolve a BASIC feature is beyond me.

  • Rafael Santos

    While unable to do so retroactively for closed tickets, Subject text can be parsed in Zendesk Triggers to apply certain custom ticket fields & tags, and other clever workarounds have been suggested using Triggers, webhooks, and other text custom fields to be set via API, which would mimic the aforementioned removed functionality.

    I'm most interested in understanding why are many of you, ZD Admin colleagues, using these text-based workflows. We can probably figure out some ways to extract more value from your Zendesk instances without having to rely on text, which in my experience is to be considered quite unreliable and erratic.

    Some in-product alternatives have already been suggested in this long thread. I believe that Heather Rommel's suggestion would work as a simple non-technical alternative for some. It's up to each one to consider whether it's better for them to build Business Rules' solutions using what's already available on your accounts, or to buy apps from 3rd party developers to do that for you.

  • Jonathan Wolsey

    So just to recap what I'm reading as a professional administrator:

    - ZenDesk chose to remove the option to sort tickets., wait- sorry, that would be a feature removal. ZenDesk removed the option to sort tickets by Subject text, but you can still use the sort feature by any other option.

    - They did so without any communication plan or notice to their clients that purchased their software and use this feature regularly.

    - ZenDesk Clients posted feedback, begging ZenDesk to bring this option of a feature back, as it is used in other areas of ZenDesk beyond just sorting, and its removal has affected many organization policies and workflows.

    - ZenDesk responds by saying: Yes, we hear you. Yes, we know it affects other things. No, we will not listen to you.

    - ZenDesk Clients are upset.

    - Someone suggests a subscription-model add-on, to restore an option, of a feature, that was already a part of ZenDesk in the first place.

    Did I get this right?

  • Scott Burnham

    So the "solution" is to pay a 3rd party to replace a function the 1st party removed, and having that 3rd party pay fees back to the 1st party through it's marketplace..

    You know how fakking shady that comes off as? Zendesk, you are trash in my eyes. Hope your company fails, so we are forced to use a better platform. 

  • Scott Burnham

    New Feature!

    We are just removing the subject field entirely!


  • Scott Burnham

    For anyone hoping to solve this issue by switching over to FreshDesk, I am sad to report that it is also TRASH. It does however offer a FREE subscription tier, and there is a Zendesk import tool on their janky "app store".  

  • Jysk IT en del af Sagro I/S

    Zendesk, please get this function back by sorting in Subject! Our company uses this alot!


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