Shopify connection error: "Oops, something went wrong"

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  • Rina

    We have an error which is not been discussed on this centre, can you advise on 'An error has occurred with your Shopify connection. Try reconnecting the integration.'

    We have disconnected and reconnected our stores but to no avail and also provided an HAR file. Please advise [ticket 11540479]

  • Tasch Garland

    Yes, I second this. We are experiencing the same issue this morning. It was working until today as normal. I have enabled/disabled the app but it has not solved the issue. Please escalate Zendesk. It is not letting me reinstall the app as it is not recognising my subdomain either.

    When I enable/disable it looks like it's loading the Shopify side bar, then prompts for a login which does nothing. Please reach out for screenshots.

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Katrina and Tasch,

    We are aware of this issue regarding Shopify app connection issue. Our team has provided a solution for this one, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your Shopify storefronts from the Admin Center.

    I hope this helps. Thank you!
  • Rina

    Gabriel Manlapig
    During yesterday, we followed that guidance and it didn't work.
    Thanks for your response however, I didn't hear back that it had been resolved from my enquiry with your team - I notified them. We found Zendesk to be working again when our team signed-on this morning (GMT, 8:30 / 7:02 AM CDT). 


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