Announcing Support settings in Admin Center

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  • Khajik Khajadourian

    Why are settings moving outside of the original Support area? It seems a little backwards to force me to go outside of the Support view and into the admin center to make setting changes. 

  • Chloe
    Can't agree with Khajik more! I couldn't see how our experience would be more "seamless" since the first thing is that we have to navigate out from the existing Support settings page, while we do not need to do that now. It is said "You don't have to switch between Admin Center and Support > Admin to manage settings for your account", which will exactly be the thing we have to do and keep moving back and forth as what I foresee.
    I would like to opt-out from this change and how I could do so?
  • Alex Hooper

    Agreed with Khajik


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