Announcing the deprecation of HTTP targets and conversion to webhooks

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  • Nkem Nwankwo

    Zach Anthony

    Thanks for the info. We have some current instances of private apps and there's a possibility of new private app instances being connected.


    To confirm, are you saying that (1) there's nothing to do for existing app instances because those will be converted to webhooks automatically, and (2) there's nothing to do (right now) for future connections because the support isn't available yet?

  • Zach Anthony
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nkem Nwankwo

    That's correct. No action is required for HTTP targets created by existing installations of apps as those HTTP targets will be converted to webhooks automatically by us and for new installation of apps there is no action required right now, until we release support for webhooks to be created as part of app requirements.


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