Using drill in to refine your reports

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  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @... Thanks for the additional information – it looks like the agent on our side wasn't aware that you'd turned on account assumption, so I'm following up with them to see about next steps, and they'll either create a followup ticket to continue troubleshooting, or I'll create a ticket on your behalf. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

    @... @... (seems like you have two profiles here) Yes, drill in should take into account any dashboard filters that the query is aware of (I checked this by using drill in and filters in the default Support Ticketing dashboard).

    @... Hi, if I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like drill in is no longer working for a query that it was working on before? I'm not sure what would cause this, and troubleshooting by our team might be needed. If you're able to create custom queries like the one you included in your screenshot, then you should certainly have access to the drill in feature. Can you contact our support team directly using Option1 here, so they can assist you? Thanks! Contacting Zendesk Customer Support

  • Gravity CX (APAC Reseller)

    Legend. Thank you @.... Yes two profiles. Long story :)

    Thanks again,


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Glad I could help, Chad!

  • Gaurav Sharma

    i have enabled drill in option ,but i am unable to see the clickable links.

    i am getting only copy option for my ticket ID when i try to drill in.

  • Oliver Cyples

    Drill In doesn't seem like a good replacement for drillthrough, as mentioned in this article "Zendesk don't recommend using more than 10 levels for performance and administration purposes.", due to the size of some of our queries we're having to edit this multiple times, then export and combine separately which seems counterproductive, when drill through allowed us to export all the data and filter.

    It's good for targeting certain metrics or attributes but seems like it should be used as a separate option to drill through, in which I have previously requested for this to be re-itroduced.

    This is increasing mine and other system admins work loads as teams aren't able to fully understand or have time to train on how to use drill in effectively. We're also regularly getting an error message (Code 5) when trying to use drill In through the dashboards, instead we're having to edit the query, apply a date filter and use it within the query itself.


  • When drilling in, it seems to show ticket IDs of tickets that should have been excluded. For example, I have a chart to show the average update handling time by agent. For one agent, I saw that his average is 74.7 mins. When I go to drill in, it shows a long list of ticket IDs, but it's only pertaining to 1 ticket. So why do the others show up?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Allen,
    If you're seeing multiple rows for a single ticket ID in the drill in table, then it's likely that you have attributes/columns that have multiple values per ticket (Tickets tags or a multi-select field attribute). For example, a ticket may contain multiple tags; if the Drill in table has a Ticket tags column, then there will be one row per tag i.e., multiple rows that pertain to only one ticket. 

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