How can I pull data from Zendesk to Microsoft Power BI?

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  • Kunal Basu

    Hi ,

    I used the MicroSoft Power BI APP to connect Zendesk. I found that the rows returned in the Tickets table are significantly lower that what exists in the Zendesk Tickets table.

    Is this a known issue?

    What are the other solutions to extract the complete dataset ? (We need to finally load it for visualizing in PowerBI) .

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Kunal,

    If you're using the integration mentioned here: Connect to Zendesk with Power BI I would recommend reaching out to Microsoft directly since it looks like this was created by their team.
    I hope this helps point you in the right direction!
  • Kunal Basu

    Thanks, Brett.

  • Wooly

    The issue itself does not appear to be with the Power BI connector.  This issue is documented from MS that Zendesk changed the API limitations and now limits them to 1000 results, if more are returned the API call fails.

    Is there any way to increase this limit on the Zendesk side?  It went from 200,000 allowed down to 1000 results allowed  on Oct 15, 2019.  How is only allowing 1K results via API usable?


  • Hans Seuters

    Hi Brett,

    I also have an issue that may be related to Zendesk's API. When I try to pull data from Zendesk I receive following, 

    Unable to save the customizations to the server. Error returned: 'OLE DB or ODBC Error: [DataSource.Error] Web.Contents could not retrieve the content from 'https://'business name' %3Auser' (422): Unprocessable Entity. The current operation was canceled because another operation in the transaction failed.

    Is this also a MS problem or can Zendesk assist here?

    regards, Hans Seuters.

  • Robbie Francis

    Hi - I'm also getting that ODBC Error - Anyone know who to contact?

  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey Hans and Robbie,
    That error is in fact expected behavior due to the results limit for the Search API that Microsoft is using to retrieve data.  To avoid the error for larger datasets, the Power BI connector would need to employ one of the alternative approaches described in the results limit description.  I recommend reaching out to the Microsoft team for assistance on that.
  • Anna Odrynska

    Hi everyone,

    It is now possible to export any Zendesk Support data to Power BI using Power BI Connector from Alpha Serve. 


  • Khrystyna Shparyk

    Hi people of the world! 

    I also recommend Power BI connector - truly useful tool!



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