When is the Average wait time message triggered in Talk?

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  • Alexandre C.

    When will the average wait time message be available in other languages? It does not make much sense that all the other Talk options are offered in all supported languages, but this one is only in English.

  • Andrew Chu

    Hi Zendesk team/ Shannon,

    I saw the discussion earlier about creating Average wait times metric per group. May I know as of know has it been available?

    I checked the current wordings in this article and it says "The Average wait time metric calculates all calls.." , does it mean it calculates all calls routed to all groups, or just in one single group?

    Let's say in 1 phone number there are routing options to 2 Groups A and B. If Group Customer Support A is busy with pending calls and high wait time, while Group Customer Support B is completely free with no calls, when someone connects to Group B on the same number, will they hear the Average Wait time message too? Or only those who connect to Group A?

    Appreciate your prompt response

  • Emma

    The time customer hear is not realistic as it includes the abandoned calls. The customer will always hear a much lower time than that’s actually true.


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