How can I migrate information from another platform into Zendesk?

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  • Natalia Tomchyshyn

    For an automated migration from any other platform or CSV file to Zendesk, be sure to check Help Desk Migration. This a certified Zendesk partner that offers a fast data standard and custom fields transfer, mapping option, and free demo to test the service.

  • Sarah Seiwert

    Does this also apply for migrations from one Zendesk instance to another, or is there a simpler way to make this happen without API integrations? I'm looking to consolidate Zendesks due to a company acquisition. 

  • Natalia Tomchyshyn

    Hi Sarah Seiwert

    up to my knowledge, using Help Desk Migration is one of the easiest ways to consolidate two Zendesk accounts. The service has a handful of successful Zendesk account merging, you can test it for free with handpicked data.


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