Announcing changes to ticket export limits

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  • Anne-Flore Caire

    If the limitation ultimately concerns CSV files, we will urgently need a solution because we cannot put date conditions on CSV exports, so we are forced to export all data! CSV export is already 7Mo and will have doubled by the end of the year, when we will reach 100,000 tickets. And we must have our data via this CSV export! The other formats cannot be used for us.

  • Branch Operations

    Same as Anne, who thinks it's a good idea to not allow date conditions?

  • Monya H.

    Agreed - this is a huge issue - this is the only way I can pull data to create the necessary reporting required by our clients.  Need a resolution ASAP.  

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello, thanks for reaching out. I would like to answer a few of these concerns. 

    I first want to make it clear that the limit is per ticket and not the entire export itself. Each individual ticket in the export cannot exceed 1MB, and this typically only happens because of a large thread of comments or large comments. This is why it will only really affect the JSON exports that does include comments. 

    The CSV format does technically also have a 1MB limit per ticket BUT since comments are not included in the ticket export then it shouldn't be affected. Based on our look at previous exports we haven't seen any CSV exports that have passed this limit and don't expect anyone to do it but for completeness we did want to point out that the limit does exist. 

    The reason we are had to put this limit in place is because we had an EOL in one of the underlying technologies used. We had a trade-off analysis and the one we chose had this as a limitation. 


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