Creating HTTP targets

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  • Nahuel Sznajderhaus

    hi there, how can I know that the request to my application came from Zendesk? I don't see in the headers any signature when I use a POST in a URL Target.

    I'd like to add a layer of security, what's the recommended approach?

  • Jean-Charles Pascale

    Hi Nahuel,

    Indeed, there is no Origin header for calls sent from a target.
    However, you can try to use the header "User-Agent" which should have the value "Zendesk Target" for any call coming from a Zendesk Target.

    Hope that can help your workflow.

  • Kok Jeff Tan

    To help the next guy who gets the error which started appearing 2 days ago when adding an HTTP Target:

    Invalid target configuration:
    URL: is invalid

    The root of your full domain (including with subdomains, if any) must respond with a valid http response. I only had the subdirectory as a valid endpoint so Zendesk kept giving the error.

    As I'm testing with subfolders, I created a CDN url (Cloudfront) to point directly to the subdirectory to fix the issue.


  • Ravindra Singh

    Can someone please tell me how to create SLA Breach Target extension with the URL, and JSON body and method as POST. Also, tell me from where to get the URL for the https.



  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey there Ravindra!

    Can you tell us a bit more about which external service should be receiving that JSON payload? Different services will use different formats, so we'll want to match up the format that the service is looking for. 

    For example, you could post SLA breach notifications to your team's Slack workspace using a custom webhook solution like this guide, where you can use Slack's webhook formatting to tailor the message to appear exactly how you desire. Worth a look!


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