Causes for ticket suspension

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  • Sonny
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk! 
    We apologized for this inconvenience that this issue may have cause. I'd like to know if you still have copy of the said suspended tickets so we can further review this? 
    We would like also to request that you enable account assumption so we can check your settings as well. 
    Looking forward to hearing from you again. 
  • Coda Hedges

    I'm currently updating a support desk, and we get a lot of tickets for an older product. We've actually sold the product to another company, but the product can send tickets from within the software and the other company has yet to update this, so we still get the tickets.

    I've set an autoresponse for now which directs users to the new company's support site and closes the ticket. However, I want it so that if that user replies back, it'll re-open the ticket so I can handle it manually. Currently, this is triggering the "Automated response email" suspension because they're replying to an automated email; is there a workaround for what I'm trying to achieve?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Coda Hedges,

    As a solution, we can recommend for you the following moments:
    - Use ticket status "Solved" which helps you keep re-open tickets and then you can handle them manually;
    - Please use the allowlist option for your auto-suspended email  

    Hope it helps,
  • Mark Szymanski


    Lately we've seen a new Cause of suspension - Account owner's address needs to be verified.

    It's not listed in this article.  We seem to be getting some legit customer emails as well as a lot of spam with that.  Anybody else seeing this?

    Can ZD Support tell us more about it please?

    Btw, we allow anybody to submit tickets, but we don't enable nor require registration.  All customer communication is via email, API (Contact Us form), or phone.  These have come via email.  We had a separate issue with spam some via the web form, which we used to use with Help Center and Chat.  We had disabled Chat a long time back, and just recently disabled Help Center when we found this, since it was outdated anyway and no longer being used by agents.


  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Mark,
    This information is included above. Here is the link for it, attaching a screenshot for reference as well.

    In case needed, sending a reference on how to combat spam attacks. You can check the article here
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk
  • Mark Szymanski

    Thanks Paolo.  A bit confusing that it doesn't have the same text.  Seems it should be made the same in the product as in the help article.  We see "Account owner's address needs to be verified."  One or the other should be updated for consistency, I'd think.  The list in the article is alphabetical.  So without reading through the whole thing it's easy to miss, or even just skimming, think it's not the same.

    Btw, in our case, we don't require end user registration or verification, as we don't give them access to the UI.  So we don't send any verification emails, which probably adds a little to the confusion.

  • Daniel Heard
    Detected as email loop If you receive a large number of emails from a single sender in a short period of time, those emails are suspended and the sender's address is blocklisted for one hour. This also happens to tickets that are sent from an address equal to your default Reply To address. Zendesk does not support the bulk creation of tickets via emails to Zendesk from the same sender. The API and Channels Framework are the only channels that support bulk creation of tickets.

    Does this apply to emails that come from a user that is a light agent?

    Also, will adding the email address to the allowlist get around the maximum of 20 per hour?

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Daniel,

    Zendesk limits the number of tickets a single user can make within an hour and this includes Light agents. We have a limit of 20 emails from the same user within an hour. Beyond that, the next 20 updates will be suspended. If more than 40 are received, all additional updates within that hour will be rejected (meaning they won't even create suspended tickets). This serves as a way to prevent mail loops.

    Adding the email to the allowlist will not prevent this.

    Hope this helps.

  • Luke Ashton

    I am getting Permission denied for unknown email submitter. I need the general public to be able to submit tickets via email but i need our portal to require sign in. These seem to conflict but I suspect I am lacking in understanding. Am I missing a setting here at all please?

  • Melanie Hobman

    Luke Ashton you set the login requirement for end users under Admin Centre > Account > Security > End Users

    Under People > End users > Anyone can submit tickets should be enabled

    This will require users to login to the portal but also allow anyone to send an email to your support email address.


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