Understanding discrepancies between the Talk Live calls dashboard and the Explore live dashboard

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  • Hi

    Just want to clarify something.

    Under the heading Average wait time and longest wait time differences it says:

    Because of these calculations, there may be a slight delay in the values when compared to the Talk Live calls dashboard which refreshes approximately every ten seconds.

    Under the heading Explore live dashboard refresh rate it says:

    The Talk section of the Explore live dashboard refreshes every ten seconds, while the dashboard tab is active in your browser

    Do both the Talk Live calls dashboard and the Explore live dashboard refresh every ten seconds? (....with the other factors in mind - eg: 'while active in your browser' etc)

    Many thanks

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chad,

    Yes, that is correct. The dashboard displays data in near real-time but its update interval might be affected by other factors like network speed and ticket volume. For information about how often Explore refreshes data, see Data refresh intervals for Explore plans.


  • Peter P


    I'm trying to know how many calls and how many tickets I have on a given day but I'm confused with the dashboard reporting, for this example it is the reporting of the previous day

    Talk Dashboard

    • 1479 calls

    Support Dashboard

    • 1109 Created tickets
    • 768 Tickets on the voice channel (these are calls, no?)

    but If each call is a ticket, I don't understand how we have more calls than tickets, and if a call is only the tickets on the voice channel, then how come it is less than what it showed on the talk dashboard?

    How can I know with certainty the number of calls and number of tickets from a given day?


    Hope you can help provide clarity, thanks in advance




  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Pedro, 
    Calls on the Talk Dashboard is the total number of calls, which can include things like abandoned calls that wouldn't result in a ticket. If you look at the Calls by Type and Unsuccessful Calls charts on the Talk Dashbaord, are you able to reconcile the numbers?
  • Peter P

    Hey there @...

    I haven't yet been able to reconcile the numbers just yet

    1370 total calls but 657 voice tickets
    - 255 abandoned/not answered calls 

    so missing about 458 tickets from calls

    it shows 381 "forwarded calls" but not sure if these create tickets or not, but if they don't, then would still be missing 77 tickets, so still not sure what I'm missing yet






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