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  • DJ Jimenez

    After March 31, 2021, if you have not yet opted in, Zendesk will automatically migrate your triggers to include categories.

    This sounds dangerous. We have over 2000 triggers. Taking into account trigger categories also affect trigger order (managing categories), auto categorizing sounds like it'll affect the way our triggers run. How will the categories be determined for each trigger if the triggers aren't manually updated by the deadline?

    We also have a few complexed flows within our triggers that need to run in sequence. How would we ensure they do not get separated or rearranged when this launches?

  • Stephen Belleau

    @... / @... - I'm guessing it doesn't try to determine categories, and would simply do what it does when you manually enable the feature. But would be great to have explicit confirmation of that.


    “Click the Enable button at the top of the page. …

    After a few moments, all your triggers will be organized into a single default category, called Initial category.”

  • Hege Solheim

    Is it (or will it be) possible to assign triggers to a category in bulk? I would prefer to avoid editing the macros one by one in order to get them into their appropriate cateogories. 

  • Hege Farsund Solheim

    1. On the Triggers > Edit order page you can select multiple triggers and drag them to another category. 
    2. You can use the Triggers API to assign a category_id. 
  • Sudeshna Basu

    Hi DJ Jimenez
    What has been described above by Stephen Belleau is exactly right. 
    The automatic enablement of the Categories functionality after March 31, 2021, implies that all your existing trigger list will be assigned to one default category, called "Initial category.” They will not be split up into different groups, nor will there be any change to the way they are ordered. 

  • Lorenzo Testini

    It seems that on Chrome on windows I am unable to drag and drop the triggers in the categories

  • Hi Hege Farsund Solheim

    I'm sorry you're having trouble! Did you click Edit order on the Trigger's page first? Are the drag handles showing? See Reordering triggers.

  • Jens Herlevsen

    Hi @... and @...,

    It would be very helpful to have an option to expand all categories. There is an option to collapse all categories, but not expand. We would actually prefer if the categories were expanded by default.

    Would also be nice if it remembered the column settings. The description column has been added by default, and it makes our triggers span multiple lines. We would rather always just see the trigger name as before. So now we have to change the column settings every time.

  • Lila Kingsley

    Does this March 31st date still apply?  It appears that the original article was revised to not specify a date--it now seems to say that Zendesk will reach out at some point if you have not migrated. 

  • Hi Lila Kingsley
    The March 31 deadline for migration to trigger categories has been extended to give customers more time to make the change. We will notify you when a new date is available. @...


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