Viewing all events of a ticket

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  • Celeste Lopez


    Podrían apoyarme, cuando intento contestar vía whastapp me aparece el siguiente error:

    al validar con algunos usuarios no les llegan mis respuestas y en muchos casos tampoco les llegan los archivos adjuntos, me podrían apoyar en como corregir este error.


  • AL

    Can you please add guidance for "Tags" - this is not mentioned in this article. But there is a "Tags" line in our list of Events. For example, it would be helpful to understand how to find a tag that is listed. I see some tags that I have not idea where they are coming from. So I'd like to know 1. how to find their origin, and 2. how to prevent them from getting added to a ticket in the future.

  • Timothy Beutler

    Can someone please clarify for me the timing of the events as they occur? Are the ones at the top the newest, or the oldest?

    We are NOT using the Agent Workspace, so my intuition is the oldest event is at the bottom, since oldest emails are also at the bottom. Is this correct?





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