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  • Yin (qahse-MY)

    Hi there, great article.

    May I know how to get Public Comments per Solved Ticket?

    I've tried the function below but no avail

    IF (D_COUNT(Public comments)= 2 AND [Ticket status] = "solved")
    Then "2 Touches"
    ELIF (D_COUNT(Public comments) > 2 AND VALUE(Public comments) <=4 AND [Ticket status] = "solved")
    Then "3-4 Touches"
    ELIF (D_COUNT(Public comments) > 4 AND [Ticket status] = "solved")
    Then ">4 Touches"

    Thank you

  • Eric Gao

    Hi Yin,

    If you're looking to categorize solved tickets by the number of public agent comments we would recommend using the default attribute "Agent replies brackets" and adding a filter for [Ticket status] = "solved". You could also customize the default brackets (1 reply, 2 replies, etc.) by creating a new attribute as well.

    Warm Regards,

    Eric G. Gao | Technical Support Architect | Zendesk


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