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  • Paola Rivera

    This is a great start. Way easier to work with than the existing Explore dashboard. I'd love to see a date filter to look at historical data, not just live data.

  • Dave Kavalsky

    This looks nice, but any shot we'll be able to embed these dashboards at some point? It would be great to be able to make them easier to access and view so I don't have to manually pull data into spreadsheets and use a third party if I want to embed the data on a page.

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Paola Rivera,
    thanks for your comment.

    We've listened to your feedback and we've just released historical data, time and data filters.

    Feel free to try them and share your thoughts.

  • Sigmund Domingo

    I have tried to use the new Beta Builder to create an essential clone of the Live Data. Once the New and Open tickets were removed and replaced with the 30-min and 60-min data, we lost the All-time counts of these metrics. To add New and Open tickets, I was first required to create a new Report (Query) with New and Open Ticket data.

    Once I entered this new report and tried the Time Filter, I find that the value does not change no matter what time filter I use. Here is a screenshot of a time filter based on Ticket Created Date over the course of 6 months.


    And here is the screenshot with Ticket Created Date over the past 7 days:


    As can be seen, the values are the same.

    Translating this over to the old builder, the filter worked properly to the historical part of the report:


  • John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sigmund Domingo

    Thank you so much for reporting this issue we have identified a fix and believe we have resolved the issue you experienced.

    Our fix is now in Production - could you test it out for us and let us know if the issue you identified has been resolved?


    John Costello 
    Explore Product

  • Sigmund Domingo

    Hi John,

    Thank you! It seems to be working now.

    Here are the values for "All Time":

    And here are the values for the last seven days:

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    In the beta dashboard builder, we’ve released four new templates that help you quickly create dashboards to report on historical (non-live) data:

    • Support solved tickets
    • Support resolution time
    • Support volumes
    • Support satisfaction

    You can choose a template when you start creating your dashboard.

  • Ray Van Voorhis

    Is schedule-sending reports to an email target on the roadmap for this beta?


    Loving it so far!

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ray Van Voorhis,
    thanks for sharing your feedback, I appreciate it.

    Scheduling dashboards will be available in the new experience.
    Here you can find the full list of features we plan to have in the new builder.


  • Ray Van Voorhis

    Amazingly helpful. Thank you Walter!


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