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  • Luke Bradshaw

    Thanks @...

    For some reason reporting section in Support was not populating with the 'terms' until I chose a specific 'brand' from the drop-down. Now that I've done that I can switch back to 'all' brands and terms now populate there too

  • Graham Haire

    Hi all,

    I noticed a blank line with the Article Views table in the Zendesk Guide: KNowledge Base dashboard.  This is a default dashboard, not one I have customized.  In the table that shows the top 50 articles viewed, line #3 is blank with 126 views.  Ideas?  The other lines are fine - they show the article title, brand, views and votes.  But the 3rd most viewed article has no title and no brand even when I filter to just one brand.

  • Melody Quinn

    When I click on the "Article section title" tab, nothing in the list changes from when I am on the "Article title" tab. I am trying to see what sections are viewed most often. 


    Side note: there is no change when I click on "Author name" either. 

  • Paul Moran

    Just to follow on from @...'s request, is there anything on the Explore roadmap to allow us to knowledge article pageviews by user's domain? It would be very helpful! We've done something like this in Google Analytics, but it would be better if we could do it in Explore.

  • Jessica

    Is there a way to filter a custom query to remove archived articles in the result?

  • Marco Malbas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jessica, 
    That's a good question. Unfortunately at the moment there would be no way to filter the articles to remove archived articles. The only workaround I figured out while testing this out was just filtering the tickets by title, and removing the archived articles manually, though I also see how this can be unsustainable. 
    It would be greatly appreciated if you can post this as a feature request as well for our product team to see and possibly put in the road map for future improvements:
    Hope this helps. Thanks! 
  • Andre Hutagalung

    Hi all!

    Can i break down the Article votes for bad and good votes saparately ? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Andre,
    That's not currently possible, but it's on our product team's radar – I'd encourage you to go upvote and add your use case to this product feedback thread: 
    Explore Metric Addition - Down Vote, Up Vote, Total Votes
  • Andre Hutagalung

    Thank's Dave, i'll try......

  • Anton Van der meyden


    I believe everyone would benefit from this purposed function. When I create a report from our internal Knowledge Base I can see the total number of views an article has.

    I would like to be able to see who has viewed the article. It would provide a full list of all the agents names and dates they viewed it. The idea been that you can see who has viewed new content or updates to existing content.

    Is this possible or something your product plan to implement?

    Thank you.

    Kind Reagrds,



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