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  • Judd Higgins

    Hi! I am still (after 2.5 years) waiting for real Zendesk Guide Explore metrics (Help Center stats, popular articles, time spent on articles, search queries, failed searches, rather than "AnswerBot" and "Knowledge Capture" which doesn't show much insight, if at all, into my customers' usage on my Help Center).  When will these be available?  

  • Judd Higgins


    Explore real-time dashboard (EAP): Enables customer service leaders and agents to keep a closer eye on support metrics in near real time, across multiple channels, and make operational decisions more efficiently.

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  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Judd Higgins, thanks for the feedback. This article indeed needs some updates which I'll do soon. In the meantime, the real-time dashboard EAP with the broken link is now a live feature. See

    We've also started to take steps to make more Guide knowledge base data available including pageview statistics and Team Publishing data. See

    We have much more planned for these capabilities, so please follow our announcements section to be the first to know about new features. Thanks!

  • Waseem Khan


    Can someone tell me why should we use Explore not insight? What is the business value it brings?


    Waseem Khan

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Waseem,

    Zendesk Explore is the official reporting product for Zendesk, and we are migrating away from Insights. Explore offers significant improvements over Insights, and our team is dedicated to making Explore the best customer analytics product on the market. Some of the improvements you’ll notice right away are:

    Better pre-built reporting and easier ways to build charts & dashboards
    Richer calculation and customization options
    New compliance standards (Data Locality, HIPAA, SOC2) and roles & permissions
    Faster data refresh and improved data refresh rates (especially beneficial for Support Professional customers)

    More information regarding the comparison of Explore and insights can be found here.



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