Is there a dark mode for Zendesk Support?

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  • Riccardo Marchesi

    We don't want to be redirected to another tool. We want a native solution! This is going on for years already! It's ridiculous for a company as big as Zendesk to treat UX like that!

  • Lizyer Maxim

    We haven't heard any update from Zendesk's Product managers since June 15. 

    Any progress on this? it's been months...

  • Juan

    Alternatives that support native dark mode makes Zendesk UI look outdated... some years ago  Zendesk was top notch in UI, hoped you guys refocused on this.

  • CJ Johnson

    Unfortunately, Zendesk recently reaffirmed there are no plans on their side to develop a dark mode, and to refer to a closed, 2020 feature request that is marked "not planned" encouraging people to upvote it if they want it.  You can see the comment directly in this also closed thread that cannot be replied to:

  • Cliff Davis

    Check out Freshdesk.  They actually listen to user requests.


  • Lizyer Maxim

    This was posted for nothing then. They didn't even bother to come back to us.

  • Anatoly Cherenkov

    +1 for the native dark mode support. It would be great if it applied the dark theme based on whether the browser or system is in dark mode.

  • Tony Jansson

    +1 for dark mode

  • William Szewc

    New customer just going live - no dark mode is a dissatisfier for the team.  Third party browser integrations are not an option - the team is diversified across various OSs and browsers.  There are also different skill levels across the team - managing extensions for some would require additional support. 


    This needs to be a native feature.

  • Gareth Evans

    Agreed: Dark mode must be a native feature.

    From my perspective, it seems that the effort required to implement Dark Mode has been deemed (by Zendesk product team) not worth the ROI. A more direct correlation between dark mode and lost revenue would change this perception.

    There is a larger industry push towards accessible interfaces, intended to provide users with different types of disabilities access to the web.

    Zendesk themselves have acknowledged this push:

    Note there that the reports they provide are from 2019. A TLDR is that most Zendesk products have partial support (at best AA rather than the full AAA) for the WCAG 2.0 standard. In the three years since those reports, WCAG 2.1 is the new standard.

    WCAG 2.1 support isn’t a legal standard: however, we are beginning to see mandates at the US state level (Colorado for example). This means that if a product does not support WCAG 2.1, the state will not allow its use. Therefore, Zendesk (and any other web application vendor) is now seeing pressure to implement the standard or face lost revenue.

    My theory is that the scope of work involved in adding Dark Mode to Zendesk is a (small) subset of the work required to implement WCAG 2.1 support. Therefore, once we see improvement in accessibility design in Zendesk we will eventually see native Dark Mode implemented.


  • Tim Peters

    There was a complete overhaul of the Zendesk UI... And there is STILL no dark mode option? Are you serious? Come on. It's almost 2023. I have to stare into this glare eight hours a day. 

  • Kyle O'Brien

    Proud of Growthdot taking advantage of what's a missing feature to me, but I'm not willing to pay $2 out of pocket per user to have a "dark mode."  Midnight Lizard and Dark Reader are on par, but I like some of the small differences from Midnight Lizard.


    I can't believe that a company like Zendesk still hasn't implemented a dark theme even after seeing how many people are waiting for it after decided to charge people for a dark theme.

    I'm also using the Dark Reader extension and it is okay. The dark theme by looked much better.

    Let's see how long are we going to wait to get a native dark theme from Zendesk!

  • Chetan Rawat

    Hey ZD team, my eyes are loosing sight. Pls add a Dark Mode. Would be forever grateful.

  • Anastasia Kachanova

    +1 for dark mode

  • Jay Scott

    Really wish you could build this in. We do not wish to utilize 3rd party extensions. This functionality should be made available from Zendesk direct and not 3rd party vendors. 

  • jihoon Lee

    I just need to put the color list for dark mode into the css of the Copenhagen theme using "prefers-color-scheme: dark". Will this take a long time?

  • Jay Randall

    I'd love a native solution too!


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