Why are some users not correctly identified when they call in?

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  • Whitney Votaw

    We work in healthcare, so often times callers are calling from one main organization number, not necessarily a direct line. In other words, several callers may call from the same number.

    Are there any solutions or suggestions to avoid this confusion? Such as 'Organization'-level numbers? OR perhaps the ability to add the same number to multiple end-users (in which Zendesk would automatically merge the Organization name instead of one callers name when that number calls in)?

  • Malinda
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Whitney,

    What you're looking to accomplish is currently not supported. The end-user's account will only display the user's name if the caller is calling from a number that is listed as a direct line. Additionally, organization-associated numbers are not possible - they are only available at the user level. 

    If displaying the organization name is a high priority, you could edit the user profile that has the organization's number listed as a direct line, and change the end-user's name to also be the organization name. This way, any calls from that number will show "Org XYZ" as the caller. 

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