Why do I sometimes get incorrect SSL certificate details for my subdomain?

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  • Stan

    A)  Chrome Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) has no "Network" tab or option under Advanced.  The closed thing I see is Settings/Advanced/Privacy and Security/Manage Certificates.  It launches the Manage Certificates dialog, but I see no option to clear SSL state.  That option was in the Internet Properties dialog of IE, which is gone now.

    B)  Can you include instructions for Edge, since IE has been removed from Win10 and just launches Edge?



  • Stan

    BTW, some references say in Chrome to go to Settings/Advanced/System/Open your computer's proxy settings/, which used to open the Internet Properties dialog that had a "Clear SSL State" option, but this now launches the Windows "Change Proxy Settings" option of Control Panel, which also has no SSL State option.

  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Stan!

    With Windows 10 for both Chrome and Edge, this setting is kept within your Windows system settings, under Internet Options in your Control Panel.

    Under the Internet Properties window, go to the Content tab and click Clear SSL state.

    I'll request this article is updated to reflect the new place this setting is kept in Windows now, thanks for catching this!


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