Insights recipe: Inbound Calls by Wait Time

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  • Parth Amin

    Hey team, 

    This is great! I am looking to count # calls abandoned in Q that waited less than 10 sec to eliminate them from my SLA count. I see a metric for Chat for this already exists, however, I am looking for the same for Calls. 

    Would the following MAQL work for what I need? 

    SELECT COUNT(Call,Records of Calls) WHERE Call Completion Status = abandoned_in_queue AND (SELECT SUM(Call Wait Time) BY Call)<10

    The only reason I am not using your MAQL is that because it's looking for wait time on ALL inbound calls and I don't want any calls that were picked up within 10 secs to be counted in that metric. I strictly want to count Missed/Abandoned calls. 

    Thank you in advance!

    Update: Using my MAQL code still pulled tickets with longer wait times. For example

    Turns out the Length of the phone call time records time spent in the menu. I can accurately report that my fuction, as well as the original posters, still works even to this day. :) 

  • Romona

    Hi Parth,

    It looks like it should.

    Romona | Technical Support Engineer | San Francisco

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