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  • Polina Yelkina

    Hello! Is it possible to add a filter by custom groups in a dashboard? For example I have a separate group for all agents of our outsourcing partner and I want create a separate dashboard for them so that they can see their stats but not stats of other custom groups. thanks

  • Evan F

    If we are building out our Organizations groups, can we just allow groups to see only what that group has assigned to it. For instance we want the default group to be the catch all but assign tickets to groups based on their roles. IE website support not seeing customer return's tickets, and subsequently base the reporting off the individual groups?

  • Emily

    Hi, the first section on how to access the groups page is incorrect. The instructions say: 

    To open the groups page

    • In Admin Center, click  People in the sidebar, then select Team > Team members.

    But this brings you to the team members page. I beleive the instructions should say:

    • In Admin Center, click  People in the sidebar, then select Team > Groups.
  • Elizabeth Williams
    Zendesk Documentation Team
    Thank you for the feedback! I've updated the article with the correct navigation instructions (Team > Groups). Thanks!

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