Understanding groups and teams in Sell

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  • J.S. Catier - OFFICERS

    That's insane that groups cannot be edited or deleted.

    One typo and you can confuse all your users.

    Again, that's insane (and, frankly, not acceptable).

  • Jessica Sills

    Hi there! How do you delete a group in Sell? I created a group to test something, but I no longer need it, and don't want it to be visible as an option anymore. Thanks!

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jessica, 

    Sell groups cannot be deleted from the user hierarchy, but admins can effectively remove a group from active duty by changing the group designation for each user presently associated with that group. 
    Within the "edit user" popup that appears by clicking on a user under User Management, an admin can reset a group definition or remove group affiliation entirely at the user level: 

    Presently there isn't otherwise a method to formally delete a group once it has been used in the hierarchy, but this method will help disassociate the group from their active user base. 


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