Importing Google Docs into your knowledge base

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  • Stephen Kairys


    Hi, hope you don't mind my reaching out.

    I was reviewing your method of bringing a Google Doc into Zendesk from (apx.)   May, 2020. 

    • write the doc in Google, review and edit it with SMEs/Stakeholders,
    • get their approval and
    • then copy/paste from the Google doc into a plain text box to remove formatting
    • and then copy into Zendesk and apply the proper styling rather than to go through cleaning up <span></span> tags and removing all the extra styling stuff that is carried in with the Google doc.

    For a doc someone else write, I'm gong to try it so I don't have to rely on Zendesk's translation process (per your 4th bullet point.). Worth my time.. 

    That said, you did not mention images in your instructions, and the Google doc has at least 6. How did you deal with the images? (Or, were there no images in your original doc?)

    Many thanks.



  • Dion Literato

    Hi Evarn,

    Your Google account is not entirely connected to your Guide Instance. The system will always ask you to sign in to a Google account whenever you would like to import articles from your Google drive.



  • Evan McGivern

    Hi Team, 

    Just wondering is it possible to disconnect or remove the connection? I cannot seem to find any instructions on this. 


  • Akiko Kasai

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know how to specify the source language for imported articles when using this procedure? 

  • Jackie Napalan

    One of our guide managers is having an issue with text size on a simple document with bullet points when importing from Google docs to Zendesk. She used to be very proactive about creating directly on Zendesk Guide, but I referred to use Google docs instead since it has autosave (she recently lost hours of work while working on a draft because her internet glitched, and Zendesk Guide unfortunately does not have an autosave feature). Do you know what we can do to make sure the font is consistent during the import? 

    Below is the display on Google docs:

    Below is the display on Zendesk Guide:

    Below is the source code from the imported Zendesk Guide article here:

  • Karl Dominic Guerra

    Hi Akiko​,

    We don’t see an active account related to this request so we’ll be closing the ticket. If you do have further questions about an active Zendesk account, please Chat with us by using the Help tab when you're logged in to Zendesk to chat live with an Advocate.


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Anusha,

    It looks like you have a ticket open with our Customer Care team regarding this issue. They will continue working with you in that ticket to get this issue resolved.


  • Reneé Lasswell

    @Jackie Napalan

    Are you referring to the bullet indentation missing? If so, this is because the Google Doc importer doesn't support nested bullets.

    We also use Google Docs for editing, stakeholder reviews, etc., and then import new articles into Zendesk. (older articles we just update the changed sections).

    You will have to manually fix the nesting on the bullets in the HTML.

    To do this, select the <ul> Subheading to </ul> block of code and past it in front of the </li> of the code before it that it needs to "nest" within.


    So it will look something like:











    If you do a lot of bulletin and nesting bullets, you will not want to have to repeat the code clean up each time, which is why we only use import for the first import and not for subsequent updates.


  • Anusha Arora

    I've been experiencing similar issues with broken formatting using the import tool from Google Docs. Trying to fix this manually would involve going through the html code for all my articles (there are quite a lot):

    • removing all span tags
    • adding in the appropriate h1-6/p styling so the text inherits my CSS styling 
    • manually resizing all images
    • importing spreadsheets and other media manually

    This is a very time-consuming process and would not be feasible for the amount of articles we have. The span tags continue to be an issue even if I copy/paste the text. Has any solution been determined for the broken formatting issues with the import tool?


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