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  • Celso Rodrigo

    Not bad, but still a couple of things missing!! 
    We need access to additional fields in this list, eg: Tags and Groups


  • Kieran Tully

    Exports would be good

  • Admin

    Are their plans to make this accessible via API? This would allow us to query and email results to finance, accounting, and operations for license management activities. 

    Use Case:

    1. Let ops know there are licenses to free up due to lack of usage

    2. Let analyst know if new licenses are required

    3. Let finance know if allocations are growing or staying inline with contracts


  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    This team list page is turning out really well! Adding to the previous suggestions, it would also be great to have the ability:

    • To exclude in filters (e.g. search all agents except those with a specific custom role)
    • To then bulk update roles and accesses (that would be the 'cherry on top') :-)


  • Lila Kingsley


    Just checked out the page--nice work! 

    I'd like to make a suggestion to make it easier to see how may seats are occupied. 

    Current user page says "X of X seats used" at the top. Nice and easy.

    The new page count is for ALL agent users, including light agent who don't occupy seats.

    So agent counts are higher on the new page vs the current page.  While you can filter to see ONLY the light agents and do the math, it would be more user friendly for admins to see seat capacity at a glance like we can today. 

  • jihoon lee

    I think it's a great feature. But I want your team to go a little further.

    Currently, the team members page provides filtering, but there is no option to filter "suspended" values yet.
    We want to suspend an agent that has not logged in for 90 days. So we want to find agents that have not logged in for 90 days and whose suspend value is "false".

    I hope this filtering option is added soon.

  • Isaiah Petersen

    I cannot figure out how to create new agents from existing "people" on this new page.  We used to simply have someone send an email in, which would create their User in Zendesk, I could then go to people and upgrade them to an agent.  Now I can only find Agents, I can't find all the "people" in Zendesk so I can't add any new agents the way I used to.  I really need some help figuring out how to add new agents now that I can no longer see all the "people" in Zendesk.  HELP!

  • Joe Burgert


    You should find the new "agent" under the Customers tab on the left banner in Support.  Edit the user type on this agent from End User to Staff Member.  They they will show up in the People list on the new admin page. 

  • Alex Calvin

    The ability to select multiple Team Members at once and set all of their access and roles at once would be greatly appreciated!

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Alex, 
    Welcome to the community! Would you mind upvoting and adding your use case to this existing product feedback thread? New Team Member Page
  • Sy Sussman

    A few weeks ago you added the Role to the page. (Yay!)

    Today I see that the name and email are grouped. (Boo!)

    There is no easy way for me to download my 700+ agents and their information. Until today I could do a click - drag - copy - paste on 8 pages of data. Poor experience, but not as bad as it was before you added the role.

    Now if I do click - drag - copy - paste I have to do a lot of extra data manipulation in my spreadsheet that I didn't have to do before.

    I am so frustrated that Zendesk made this change!

  • Crystal Shepherd

    Love the ability to filter, and love the new look. But I do audits against our HR records on a regular basis and with hundreds of agents, there is no way to export the data. As a couple others have stated, I have do quite a bit of copy/paste and then manipulation to get a list of agents. Seems like there should be a better way to get a list of your current agents.


  • Sy Sussman

    One other way to get a list of agents (if you have the Administrator role) is to click on the Super Admin icon at the bottom of the left menu bar. You can only export 100 at a time, and you can't choose which fields to export, but at this point it's easier to use than the team list.

  • Crystal Shepherd

    Sy Sussman - super interested in this - but are you referring to the super admin app? Do you currently use this, like it?

  • Sy Sussman

    Crystal Shepherd : yes, it's the app. It's the best way for us to download information about our 700+ agents and light agents, with the caveats listed above.


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