Displaying satisfaction ratings and overall score in your help center

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  • Joshua Morris

    This probably isn't the right place to ask this question, but I couldn't find anywhere else.  

    Is there a way to change the way the satisfaction displays to the customer?  Instead of hyperlinks could you put images or change how the hyperlinks read?

  • Ray Roth
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Joshua!

    Although the automation email for customer satisfaction ratings can be customized the customer satisfaction rating page that opens in browser is a system default page that cannot be edited. You cannot add images or change the way the satisfaction page shows.


    Ray Roth
    Senior Customer Advocate

  • Tan Jee Han

    Hi there,

    Can anyone help as to how Zendesk calculates their satisfaction rating in a scenario below:

    Agent Dave works on 100 tickets assigned to him in the past 3 months and suddenly he receives 1 badly rated ticket and say all 100 tickets were rated as Good and only that one ticket was rated bad. My questions are:

    1./ What would be agent Dave's CSAT % with that 1 badly rated ticket?
    2./ What is the general formula like in calculating the % CSAT if there badly rated tickets?

    Be glad to hear your answers on the above soonest! Thanks!

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jee Han,

    The formula of the default % Satisfaction score in Explore is COUNT(Good satisfaction tickets)/COUNT(Rated satisfaction tickets). So, in that scenario where the agent received 1 bad rating out of the 100 rated tickets (with the other 99 tickets all rated good), the calculation will be 99/100 – the agent should have 99% as their satisfaction score for that reporting period.

  • Aleksandar Salevski

    Is there any 1 to 5 scale custom satisfaction placeholders after ticket is closed

  • Roxelle Miayo
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Aleksandar, 

    Unfortunately, the default CSAT survey for Zendesk is only a good or bad rating. If you would like to rate it from 1 to 5, you may use a third-party app instead. You may want to check Zendesk Marketplace for this. 

    Zendesk does not support these apps. For this reason, we can guarantee that it will do exactly what you are looking for, but I believe it is worth trying.

    Hope it helps! 

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