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  • Stephane Gonthier

    Is there a limit on how many records can be listed in a view?

    I am trying to have a view to list all the tickets we have had historically, but I seem to be limited by about 1.6k records.

    If there is no limit, then I am clearly hitting a problem with the way I have built my view and might help. :)

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hello Brettany,

    Did you try - To export a view to a CSV file?

    Hope it helps
  • Judd Higgins

    How can I edit a view to move all of 50+ conditions from "Meet Any of the conditions" to "Meet All of the conditions"?

    Someone else created this View and I do not have the time to manually recreate 50+ conditions.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Christophe A.
    Hi Judd,
    I searched on our Marketplace but I didn't find any app to do that.
    The workaround to quickly move all your "Meet any of the conditions" to "Meet All of the conditions" will be to create a script using the Zendesk API
    Hope it helps a bit.
  • Ricardo Diaz


    Is it possible to create a view for an SLA breach of 30min?

  • Vijayakumar Harapanahalli

    I need to schedule view to share the exported data to distribution list. is it possible?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Ricardo,

    The condition is only for hours, Hours until next SLA breach. Hence, the lowest that you can designate is 1 hour.

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