Understanding, installing, and configuring the Slack for Zendesk Support integration

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  • Priya Muthukrishnan


    Is it possible to enable the option to "Create a ticket" or "Add an internal note" from only specific slack channels instead of all the channels?


  • Hanna Gesar

    Hello! Is it still not possible to get ticket updates to Slack threads when using the Zendesk <> Slack integration? Our users are only using Slack for support and we would like to have one source for them to receive ticket updates and such as well but can't find a way to solve this 

  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Priya Muthukrishnan and James Molina,

    As these behaviours are associated to Slack Shortcuts (the drop down list), they cannot be limited to specific channels, however Slack may soon support this functionality. It would be great to understand this a little more - would you only want the shortcuts available in channels where the Zendesk app has been added, or a more specific subset of channels?

  • James Molina

    @Sean Bourke We have clients that want to limit the channels that End Users can create tickets within.  Often this happens with internal support workflows so there are many channels within a company for different purposes but they want to limit ticket creation to a single "support" channel.  Not everyone has access to all channels and this helps focus conversations by channel.

  • Lindsay Alaimo

    We have been using this app for years and it's worked great for 1 slack channel updates.  We recently tried to use the app to post to 2 different channels in 1 slack workspace and it appears that we can't customize the app to post different tickets to the different channels. Is there a way to do this?  

    Example:  #ticket-notifications: This should post tickets that are new or updated for our advanced support team.
    #solved-by-basic: This should post tickets that are solved by the basic support team. 


  • Ronald

    Hi Lindsay Alaimo 

    Good question! I believe currently the only way to post a notification to a specific Slack channel is based on ticket group assignment condition in the Zendesk for Slack application settings. I'm currently posting Slack updates for every single ticket created to one channel #zendesk-tickets and tickets that were assigned to a specific ticket group only are being posted to a different specified Slack channel #level-2-tickets

    I think you'd be able to accomplish what you want as it sounds like your tickets are being assigned to specific ticket groups which could be mapped to corresponding Slack channels.

    I believe ticket group is currently the only condition that can be used to point a notification to a different Slack channel. Which is a limitation I'm eager to see addressed. But it sounds like you can do what you need to do with the integration's current capability.

  • Lindsay Alaimo

    Well, that's exciting!  Because I was changing the group, this did work for me.  Though, It was not clear that it would when setting it up, which is why I reached out. Thank you Ronald for the quick response and helpful information. 

  • Ronald

    Lindsay Alaimo I agree it's not clear at all and I don't like the way the notification configuration is done within the Slack app command and how the Slack webhook is posted to Slack for every single ticket update.

    I would personally like more control over this integration from the Zendesk side. Send the webhook request to Slack based on any of the normal trigger conditions and post to different Slack channels or even DM specific Slack users based on any of the normal ticket conditions such as custom field values or assignee.

    A few months ago Sean Bourke alluded to improvements to the Slack integration. I'm interested to see what that ends up looking like.

  • Kiran Mehta

    How can I get the organization name to show up in the slack channel integration?

    Using the default "Slack Ticket Trigger" - we are able to get basic information of a new/updated ticket to show up in a slack channel. I would like to have some additional fields to show up in slack as well e.g. organization name.

    The default "Slack Ticket Trigger" is not editable. So I created a new trigger that posts to the slack endpoint. In the JSON payload, I added the:

        "organization_name" : "{{ticket.organization.name}}"

    as recommended in the "supported placeholder" list.

    I do get a new slack message every time this trigger is activated, but I still don't see the organization name in the slack message.

    Trying to configure slack's /zendesk settings doesn't provide any options for selecting which fields to show.


  • Megha Joshi

    Hi! Are there any plans to release an update in 2022 or 2023 for there to be multiple ZenDesk instances be active in Slack -- we're running into an issue where our IT team, HR team, and a Product are all needing to use the ZenDesk<>Slack integration.

  • Vlad Shlosberg

    Megha Joshi - What a lot of companies do if they need to support multiple Zendesk instances is use the native Zendesk<> Slack integration for one of their teams and use third party integrations for others. For example - Foqal 100% integrated with Zendesk and is often used by IT and HR teams to bi-directionally synchronize tickets between Slack and Zendesk. Check out:

    Zendesk Integration: https://www.foqal.io/landing/slack-zendesk - (skip video to 00:35) 

    Generally about support: https://www.foqal.io/solutions/helpdesk

    Hope this helps

  • Brandon D.

    Hey everyone, 

    I've recently installed the Zendesk App within Slack and have been testing it for a few days. I'm only interested in getting slack notifications Upon Ticket Creation and this has worked for the majority of tickets we've received recently. 

    However, I've started to realize that a handful of tickets are not making their way into Slack, even though I can see the default Slack App trigger firing in the event history. 

    The common trend these tickets share is being created using the same Ticket Form through our Help Center and all being marked as High Priority (based on our triggers). 

    To note, I've tested other Forms on the Submit a request page, and they work fine!
    We also only have one group defined in our Zendesk instance, so it shouldn't be a configuration issue in Slack where the group was not selected.

    Is there any reason why one particular form or priority level would be excluded like this?


  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Brandon D.,

    Thanks for sharing this. The Slack Trigger Event (+ Webhook notification) will be triggered for every ticket event, regardless of whether it relates to an existing configuration.

    In this circumstance, I'd recommend modifying the Assignee configuration to have a broader scope for that Slack channel. For example, if you only have one support group, selecting All support groups will ensure that any new tickets being created will come into that group.

  • Naledi


    I'm trying to edit the Slack-Zendesk integration so that we can receive notifications in the Slack channel when user's re-open tickets by responding to tickets i.e. if the ticket is in Pending, On Hold, Solved or Closed and a user responds, we would like to receive a notification in Slack regarding the re-opened ticket. 

    Does this feature exist? If so, where can I find the instructions to do so? 

    If not, could we please get that feature added?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Naledi,
    You can get pretty close with the above instructions -- in step 5 of the configuration instructions above, there's a drop-down list that lets to select when notifications are sent, and you can select updates to pending, solved, or on-hold tickets. To get updates for when a customer responds to a Closed ticket, that would be included under "Ticket is created" (since that's what happens in that case), although that would also send notifications for brand-new tickets as well.
  • Albert Alvarez

    There is any way to show the customer's Organization  name or requester email when a case comes in? 

  • Alan Butcher

    Hello, I am also interested in Kiran's post from above, as well as Albert's about adding an organization name to the Slack Ticket Trigger. Anyone have a good answer for that? 

  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Alan Butcher,

    Just to confirm - are you looking to add Organisation to the notification which is sent from Zendesk to Slack? If so, we've just enabled the ability to notify Slack from triggers, including the ability to add custom values to the notification (such as the requester's organisation).

  • Thomas Walker

    FYI, this link is dead:

  • Kristie Sweeney
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks for reporting the broken link Thomas Walker! It is now fixed.


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