Understanding, installing, and configuring the Slack for Zendesk Support integration

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  • Kelli Acosta

    Vlad Shlosberg, Where I need help is slack. I want to consider who the message is coming from in Zendesk before sending it to slack OR I want slack to stop posting anything but the original message to the channel and only threading all of the replies. 

    Background: We are using Zendesk for external support. Customer emails in, we respond in Zendesk. The only reason slack is involved, is this is low volume and the employees working the queue are not in Zendesk normally. They only go there as needed, so they need to know when new messages or new replies are sent. The current setup with integration from Zendesk to Slack is too cluttered because every new message posts to the channel (this is good and wanted), but also every reply posts to the original slack thread (this is good and wanted), but it also posts to the channel (this is bad and causes confusion).

  • Vlad Shlosberg

    Kelli Acosta - Option 1 around considering who the message is coming from is possible. I believe Zendesk uses a trigger to send updates to Slack. I believe you can modify that trigger and add additional conditions to check the author of the comment based on your criteria. However, i believe both options 1 and 2 are possible with Zapier - do you use that at all?

  • Kris Parker

    Is it expected that the Slack notifications for updated tickets would post in a thread, but ALSO to the channel?

    Is there a way for it to only post updates in the thread?

  • Jira-Bot

    I just updated the integration a few days ago, and it seems to work with a small problem. All updates to existing tickets are put in a thread in Slack, and it makes the updates look quite confusing.

    The "title", if I can call it that, of each update sent to Slack has therefore two lines - something like this:

    replied to a thread: An Open ticket has been updated by Agent A
    A Pending ticket has been updated by Agent B

    My successor owner of this support system is quite unhappy at the unclearness of it, and I am now being asked to "fix" this behaviour.
    So the difference I notice from the old behaviour to the new one is that, in the new one, all new messages are put into these threads in Slack. And this is new. Can it be changed to the old behaviour in some way, so all messages in Slack are independent from each other?

  • Landry Norman

    Kind of a different question for this thread, but which company would be responsible in a data breach? Our legal team is concerned since this is a bit of a gray area with this app.

  • Envoy

    I see comment notes referring to "To add the app to a private channel" however I didn't see any reference to this in the article.  Are there currently separate steps needed to add a private slack channel?

  • Kristie Sweeney
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Envoy The steps to add the app to a channel are the same for all channels (public or private). See Adding the app to a Slack channel. Sometimes comments refer to or link to procedures that have since been updated. 

  • Christine Diego
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kris Parker,
    We have created a ticket on your behalf to further check your query about the slack notification. Kindly check your inbox, and we'll assist you from there. 
  • Tom

    Similar request to Perla in 2021: Our organization has a need to connect two Zendesk accounts to one Slack for two separate groups for notifications and ticket collaboration.

  • Vlad Shlosberg

    Hey Tom, many are using Foqal for this - https://www.foqal.io/integrations/zendesk you can set up one Zendesk account with the native Zendesk Slack bot, and any additional ones with Foqal. Probably depends on what you are trying to do, but Foqal has a really deep integration with Zendesk and is very flexible, so you can configure it to your use case. Happy to help you walk through it (you can book a quick demo on foqal.io)

  • Binh Du


    Is there a way to have Zendesk send Slack notifications for SLA targets or violations? Currently there are no SLA selections in triggers, and no Slack for Zendesk Support integrations in Automations so I'm unsure how to set this up.

  • Tom Walker

    Binh Du - This page outlines what you need to do to get set up for that use case.


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