Adding Sell contacts to MailChimp

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  • Lloyd Grosse

    I am trying to trigger a Zap in Zapier to update (or add) existing (or new) contacts in Mailchimp. 

    It all looks pretty easy and I've been able to get the wiring partially correct - however, when I tell Zapier that the contacts {Is Company=false} - I am unable to Map the "company name" field as it is not available in the field mapping wizard.  I presume I have to set the Trigger to {Is Company=false} because I want the people within a company in my marketing list and am not so interested in the generic company email.

    I can map the {organisation ID} which is a number.  I can probably work out how to do a dynamic look up table in Google Sheets but that's not going to help with any new contacts. Plus, that's a hell of a workaround for this workaround.

    I get the same result triggering the "integrations" tool in the Sell Smart List.  It adds the contacts to Mailchimp but does not map {company name} (Sell) into {ORGNAME} (Mailchimp).

    Please help me map an individual's organisation name to their record in Mailchimp.


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