Enabling and disabling the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Jen K.

    Hi there,

    In the Agent Workspace, why is the customer's email address so challenging to access? I can only view it by clicking on the customer's name in the upper left corner and opening a new page(!), or by scrolling down into the ticket history. It's very time-consuming, when compared to the old view, https://share.getcloudapp.com/o0uekAoz 

    Additionally, I am unable to submit chat tickets as "Solved" and get this error message every time. Any recs? Our team wanted to launch the Agent Workspace, but because of these two issues, we've had to revert.

  • Jen K.

    Hi there, bumping my post above. Thank you. 

  • Shayne Traqueña
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for reaching out! Are you referring to the requester in a ticket in Agent workspace? If yes, the email address can be found in the ticket itself. Please see below screenshot:

    If this is not what you are referring to, can you kindly provide me more details about your concern, please?


    Shayne Traqueña | Associate Customer Advocate
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  • Jen K.

    Hi Shayne, 

    1) Yes, I am referring to the email address of the ticket requester. If you check out my original post, I understand that you can view the ticket requester's email in the ticket itself, but it's pretty time-consuming when compared to the old view. Also, it looks like you didn't attach a screenshot, can you post again?

    2) My second question wasn't addressed about the error message when attempting to solve tickets. Please see my original post, thank you.

  • Chris Fassano

    Hi Jen,

    Regarding your first question...You can view the ticket requesters' contact details while still viewing the ticket by opening the "User" tab, located in the top right corner of the ticket.

  • Michael Mader

    We are planning on launching Agent Workspace prior to Messaging to minimize the change impact on a large team.  We were told that Chat will function properly in Agent Workspace, however, this article makes it seem as though it's not the case.  Is there anywhere you can point me to see the "conflict and tracking issues"?  If we do intend to still use Chat, is it just a matter of going in and turning it back on after moving to Agent Workspace?

  • Jacob Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Michael,

    This article will get you updated on current limitations:

  • Nelli Laine

    Hi! I can't activate the Agent workspace in my Sandbox environment. I just created a new sandbox, and would like to test out agent workspace but nothing happens when I click the "Get started" button in the Sandbox. It just won't activate. What could be wrong? I have a few groups in my Support-Sandbox as well as few departments in the Chat-Sandbox.

    EDIT: This did not work in the Admin Center, but started working when I sent to the settings in the Support portal. So problem was in the Admin Center.

  • Jhames Subida
    Hi Nelli,
    Thank you for reaching out and I hope you are well. We are sorry to hear that activating Agent Workspace is not working on your end. However, for some users, activating it from the Support settings works. Kindly go to Support>Settings>Agent as shown in the image below.

    Let me know if this fixes the issue.
    Kind regards,

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