Using custom ticket fields and ticket forms with the Web Widget (Classic)

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  • Elijah

    Are there any plans to support multi-select ticket fields in the web widget? Not being able to use all ticket fields in the web widget is a major drag.

  • Manny Ordoveza

    I cannot see a "custom ticket field" in the widget customization settings.


  • Avery Tritch

    I don't have any option in Channel -> Widget to add Custom Ticket Fields to the Contact Form. Where can I activate this?

  • Huy Tran

    How to pre-populate fields in Answer Bot form?

  • William Grote

    Any way to add a checkbox?  We only use the widget for sales question on our product web pages, but none the less, lots of support related chats come in, and we want an easy way to differentiate these at the beginning of the process?


  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi William,
    You should be able to add a checkbox custom ticket field on the widget by making sure of the following:
    1. The checkbox field is active from the list of your ticket fields (Admin > Manage > Ticket Fields)
    2. The ticket field is added into the form where you intend to use and show it to the end-users (Admin > Manage > Ticket Forms)
    3. From the Admin > Channels > Web Widget (Classic) under the specific brand where you're using the ticket form with the checkbox field, toggle enabled for Ticket forms
    4. Choose the checkbox field from the list of custom ticket fields together with the rest of the custom ticket fields you intend to show to your end-users
    5. Click the Save button under the particular brand
    As a guide, please do check the screenshot below on what it's supposed to look like:

    Hope this helps! Keep safe!
  • Roman Alekseiev

    Is it possible to set assignee from Web Widget? 

    I tried to set id of assignee custom field but it still assigns ticket to whole group. Maybe it is because of triggers, I do not know

  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Roman,

    I'm afraid to say that it's not possible to set the ticket's Assignee using the Web Widget, at this time. The only functionality that can help you route or assign automatically the ticket to a particular assignee, is the use of Trigger. We encourage you to submit feedback regarding this, by visiting this link.


    Customer Advocacy Team
  • Adam Prince

    We have SLAs tied to assigned Priority values, we can make that an available field in the form shown through the Web Widget?

  • Diogo Maciel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Adam! On the widget unfortunately you can only add custom fields aside from the defined default ones. This could still achieve your goal, as you can create a custom "Priority" field that changes the system Priority field via a trigger. More details about triggers can be found in the article below
  • Brandon Jones

    So what if we want to make it so that the web widget does not display certain forms unless someone is logged into our site and their site login username (email address) matches their Zendesk login username (email address)?  


    Example, we have our HC code edited so that only logged in users with certain user tags can see certain forms. Is there a way to make the classic web widget mirror this? 

  • Mihir Zalavadiya

    In the Form Can we give read-only permission in custom field??
    If yes how?

  • Nara S.
    Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for writing in. At this time with the Classic Web Widget out-of-the-box, there is no way to offer different ticket forms based on specific end-user credentials. That said, it is possible to surface specific forms in the widget's code itself using custom code, via the ticketForms section of the Web Widget's Settings Reference here. However, custom scripting on the page will need to be implemented outside of ZD in order to determine what forms to then surface based on the end user's credentials which falls outside of our scope of support here.
  • Raphaël Péguet

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    It would be nice to write/explain in the field creation interface that it is not possible to add this kind of fields (date, multiple selection, regex) in the web widget. We have to do it to know it..

    Best regards,

  • Gravity CX Zendesk Admin

    Good point Raphaël Péguet. I wonder if a list exists somewhere of what fields work in the classic web widget. Maybe hidden in the help centre.

    Nice clear article listing what works and doesn't that will help us self solve rather than spend time building the form, checking in the widget, not seeing the field appear, spend 30 mins researching why it doesn't appear (with no clear answer) and then possibly raising a ticket. Perfect chance to enhance Zendesk Self Service.

  • Anne Ronalter

    the following sentence has now been added to the article stating which fields do not work:

    "Regular expression, Date, and Multi-select custom fields cannot be used in the Web Widget (Classic)."

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