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  • Adam Hanna

    it looks like these two links around what I am trying to do are no longer working https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007227107-Can-I-display-the-default-language-version-of-an-article-in-a-translated-section-



    Is there any update on the potential of that feature (or a new community request) that could be linked?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Adam,

    Can you clarify what functionality you're looking for with Guide localization? According to this article, iff the end-user's language is not one of your supported languages, the default variant is used.

    Let me know if I'm not quite understanding what you're looking for!

  • Adam Hanna

    Thanks for the quick response! 2 similar but different cases:

    1) We always have default versions of English for all articles and get our translations afterwards. Sometimes these translations take longer so we can not wait to make the English versions live, but if linked to on our UI doesn't exist for half our customer base. Ideally if a Chinese version didn't exist, it would default to the English version.

    2) For certain articles, such as Terms and Conditions for promotions being run, there is only ever an English version causing the same issue


    It looks like this was discussed in the articles I linked based on titles, but they no longer exist so wasn't sure of the conversation and any potential outcomes

  • Martin Lee

    @zendesk can we get an update on the potential of a fallback language option when a translation is missing for an article?

  • Sally Anne Dishong

    I'm trying to find information on how we might localize images in our translated articles. We're currently using the Unbabel connector to translate the article text, but the images (which are mainly product screenshots) remain in English. Unbabel does not currently offer this feature in the connector. Any suggestions on a work-around? Is there any way to use dynamic content for article images? I know we could manually update the images, but each time an article is submitted as a change it would revert back to the English (source) language version in Unbabel's workflow. I'm also aware that Smartling is offering this functionality in their connector, but we're not looking to change translations vendors at this time. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  • Charles Nadeau
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Sally Anne,

    I'm not sure if there's a solution for Unbabel. The Zendesk Docs team doesn't use Unbabel or any connector to manage article translations.

    You could use a script to rewrite the image urls after the translations are posted by Unbabel. The script logic could work like this:

    1. Use the Translations API to download the newly posted translations.
    2. Parse the article HTML to find the urls of any English images.
    3. For each image url, modify it to point to the localized version of the image.
    4. Use the API to upload the translation's updated HTML.

    We use a version of this approach for our translated articles. See this function on GitHub: https://github.com/chucknado/zep/blob/master/zep/handoff.py#L373.

    If you use image attachments in your articles, we recommend hosting the images on a CDN such as Amazon S3 so updating the url is easier. For example, you could organize your images on the CDN by locale:


    Then your script only needs to replace "/en/" with "/fr/" or "/es/".

    This is what it looks like for Zendesk images:


    A script replaced "/en/" with "/fr/" in the French translation of the article.

  • Sally Anne Dishong

    Hi Charles! Thanks so much for your thorough and helpful response. Your suggestions are over my head technically, but I will pass them along to our developers and see if there's any hope of implementation this type of solution.

  • Abdul

    English(world) :  en-001 locale is not available in my zendesk account list. How to add that ?

  • Evan McGivern

    Hi I am not sure if this article is meant to be public where you mention Thibauts tip for the Google translate but it doesn't open and gives an error: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115009369268

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Thanks for reporting that, Evan! It looks like that post was archived. I'll report to our team to get this updated :)

  • Aldo Ercolani

    I am following the "Adding translated text" section in order to add support for italian, german and romanian in Guide.

    My Zendesk interface is in italian but Help Center's default language in English (GB).

    I added the languages in Support (e.g. for romanian):

    I created the dynamic content in Support:

    I used the dc helper in the page footer source code (footer.hbs):

    What happens:

    1. it gets the correct text in english and italian
    2. it shows english for romanian (but it keeps the /ro-ro in the url). When previewing in Admin mode it shows the error "Could not find substitute for dynamic content named footer_privacy_title", but it's there.
    3. it redirects to /en-gb when I try to open the page in the /de-de

    I don't know how to fix points 2) and 3).


  • Diana Voroniak

    Try Crowdin+Zendesk integration for your articles localization. 

    Your source texts from Zendesk will automatically be uploaded to your Crowdin localization project and become available to translators. Translated content arrives in your Help Center at a period you specify (for example, every 3 hours).

    Learn more in our article about Zendesk Help Center localization.


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