Creating conditional ticket fields

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  • Yoram

    Hi Erik,


    Option number two 2 is doable with a bit of a hack...

    You will need to create 2 custom fields, one on the org level and the other on the ticket level

    You will need to populate both of them with the same values and tag names.

    Once a ticket is created, the organizational custom field will add the tag to the ticket and by doing so, as the tags have the same value, it will set the custom field value to the same value as in the organizational custom field.


    I think this will work only on ticket create and not update (haven't tested it).

    Hope this helps you..


  • Allison

    Is there a way to make a field conditional/required for only certain instances, but VIEWABLE at all times?

  • David C

    Is this the TL:DR version?

    Create a new form, create and add all the fields you need. Once all fields are in, create the conditions.  

  • Randy Gentil

    Hello - I am wanting to add a Conditional Field, however, I do not see a Settings option, as seen below. Would anyone be able to assist? Thanks!


  • Uber Freight US LLC


    In the forms view you mouseover the form to the right end and select Conditions to launch the Conditions screen where you can create your Conditions.


  • karan sharma

    Can we add more conditional fields than 1500 which is the maximum or is there any way we can do that or exceed that limit maybe via app or some other logic ?


    Please support


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